It's Friday night and everyone is out and about.

The sound of laughter echoes down the street, while girls run up and down the hallway in their heels. The boisterous music shakes the apartment building and doors open and close while people come and go. I'm staying in tonight, so I hear all of this. I'm re-charging after a long week of classes and meetings. Some may call this lame, but for me, these relaxing nights are sometimes necessary. This is what being an introvert is like.

I've almost always considered myself to be half extroverted and half introverted; it really depends on my mood, anxiety level, and the people around me. However, as I've gotten older, I've come to accept the fact that I'm a bit more of an introvert than anything else. And I'm finally O.K. with it. There are so many perks to each personality type. So, I guess this article is a reminder for those who are also quiet but often overlook the perks of being an introvert.

Most importantly, in my opinion, introverts make extremely loyal friends. You know those people who always listen to you, even during your worst of times? That's us. We may not do a lot of the talking, but we're always willing to hear you out or lend some advice if needed. We're also really good at keeping secrets.

I always thought leaders had to be loud and outgoing in order to be successful, but I've learned that's not necessarily accurate. As introverts, we tune in with ourselves a lot. More than that, we can usually read other people really well, since we're used to listening and observing. Just because you aren't the loudest person in the room does not mean you are less socially adept whatsoever.

I used to be a lot quieter than I am today. I think it had to do with a fear of being judged or a fear of saying the wrong thing. But after that awkward puberty stage ended, things got a lot better, thank God. I'm still a fairly quiet person, but not so much out of fear or anxiety.

I've come to realize that internalizing things is just part of my personality. It doesn't matter to me if people who barely know me say I'm shy or seemingly have no personality. Because I know that my internalizing has strengthened my people skills, intuition, and sense of self.

I can't speak for all introverts, but I personally love hanging out with friends, going out after a long week, and meeting new people. But with all that being said, I don't always have to be surrounded by people. I need to be alone sometimes, too. So, If you're an introvert as well, know that it does not make you antisocial.

You're just fine with being alone, and that's a lot.