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We live in a society where we are so exposed to models and other public figures who look drop dead gorgeous. How are you supposed to feel beautiful and good enough when you compare yourself to these picture perfect icons?

Well, what if I told you that you were just as beautiful as those people and were beyond good enough? Would you believe me?

Life doesn't always make it easy to see this. It sometimes presents us with barriers from seeing the true beauty within us, and sometimes that barrier, is ourselves. It is hard to look in the mirror sometimes and be completely happy with what we see looking back at is hard to look at yourself without thinking what you want to change and what you could do different, and comparing yourself to others. What we all need to realize is that dwelling on the negativity that life presents us—like that boy that made you feel worthless, that cruel Instagram comment, or the not so great kids at school leaving you with a tear stained face looking in the mirror—questioning our self-worth. Focusing on the people that tore you down could be preventing you from analyzing the real meaning behind it. You were too worried about the people orchestrating the experience rather than focusing on the lesson that was presented to you.

We've all been there.

This may surprise you, but those individuals and those experiences are not the things that made you doubt yourself, you are. You are in control of what you believe, you are control in of the way you handle the speed bumps presented in the road of life, not them.

If you look at this world in a positive light, evidence of this will quickly follow. What we believe on the inside is always manifested on the outside. You can control and change your results by paying attention to that little voice inside your head ­and following your heart. No other voices have the power to control you or affect how you view yourself unless you let them. The only voice that matters is yours and yours alone.

Those not so great kids at school could’ve been there for you like they promised and stuck by your side when you were going through some rough moments. Instead they hurt you, they left you emotionally broken—that isn't what friends do. Of course, that left you questioning every fiber of your being as to why you weren’t good enough for them to stay, why you deserved to be alone.

The situations that appear in all of our lives pave a road to truly discovering who you are as a person, and help you figure out the type of people you want to have in your life. Next time you see those "friends" that left you wounded and alone, instead of feeling hurt feel thankful. Thankful for them making you realize your self-worth and subsequently that much better, and proving how strong you truly are, and that you don't need anyone else to be happy.

You are not a victim of your life. You are who you mold yourself to be. If you are capable of creating the good, the bad and the terrible, then you’re certainly capable of change and able to redesign your life to be how you always envisioned it. We are thrown into a world that tells us we aren’t good enough. Misfortunes come and go, but the experience leaves behind a bitter taste that seems to resonate anytime we try to put our best foot forward


It’s safe to say that almost we all have doubted ourselves at one point or another because of past experiences that got us down, but it is important to remember that what you are dealing with and feeling today is only temporary.

The permanent essence of who you are is not defined by what others say and think about you.You were created in a perfect image, and you’re exactly who you are supposed to be in this very moment.

Rather than focusing on the negative, focus on embracing the experiences that come now to help discover who you are meant to be. This too shall pass and eventually all the scars from falling down every once in awhile will make you that much more determined to stand up and work harder to be that much more focused and stronger. You are capable of seeing the best image of yourself, but seeing that falls on your shoulders.

Believe in being the best you that you can be!

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