Be The Girl Who Loves Too Much

Be the girl who loves too much. The one who doesn’t shy away from emotional investment. Allow yourself to get hurt and cry. Let tears roll down your cheeks and fall onto your pillow, even if that means you are crying over “small things.”

Forgive those who have wronged you, but do not forget, and please do not hold grudges. Unapologetically answer with your true feelings when others ask “How are you?” And give others space to be honest when you ask the same.

Be the one who takes people’s words with weight because you value their opinions, but don’t let the fear of those opinions keep you from living life. Offer your time and thoughts and ears to those who need them.

Laugh authentically without fear of judgment.

Shout out the name of the one you love from mountaintops. Welcome your friends with hugs and giggles, then celebrate with dancing, even if you make a complete fool of yourself. Disregard the voices saying you are clingy or dramatic.

Be the girl who checks up on her friends. Let yourself be worried for that person who hasn’t texted back and become elated when you find out they are okay. Take every chance to play pretend with children and to rock babies to sleep in your arms.

Encourage others with words, even when you doubt it will be accepted. Gracefully accept compliments given to you as well. Love so deeply it hurts. Sing at the top of your lungs when words just aren’t enough to express that love. Tell your friends and family that you will be there and then stick to your promises.

Be broken up when you have to say “goodbye,” but remember it is more like “so long.”

Miss your loved ones- those you have lost and even those you saw yesterday. Let them cry on your shoulder when tough times hit; be the person they can vent to. Be the sounding board for even the smallest life decisions. Share your hopes and dreams with the ones who mean something to you. Care and invest in others, because you were created as a relational being. Make memories and build up relationships, keep them going even if they are spread over distance. Learn to let go- of bad memories, mean words, and those you have drifted away from. Stand behind your long-time friends and their possibly ridiculous ideas or opinions. Tell your family and friends the truth in love- even when you are afraid to. Give without fear of getting hurt. Love with such zeal that the world says you are the girl who loves too much.


Please check out my previous article in these Summer Chronicles. Did you agree with this article? Are you a "girl who loves too much"? Please let me know in the comments below.

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