Be The CEO Your Parents Wanted You To Marry

Girls, now is the time to rise up and achieve your goals. No more waiting around for the guy of your dreams: it's time to start building your own. Dream big. Work hard. Empower yourself, empower other women. Marriage and having kids should not be a woman's ultimate goal. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that being your goal, but it shouldn't have to be everyone's.

Go to school. Study hard. Get your degree(s). Land your dream job. You can do it, and you don't need to rely on a man in order to accomplish your goals. Be the #girlboss I know you can be. You are the master of your future, and if that includes getting married and having kids, great! If you do not plan on getting married or having kids, that's also great! Either way, you are a badass.

Long gone are the days where men are the only breadwinners. Start a side-hustle. A blog. A company. Whatever you have been dreaming about doing but have been too scared to do it, do it NOW. You are smart. You are capable.

You can do it. Be the CEO your parents wanted you to marry.

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