Many a time, I have been called basic. While this used to insult me — because I am me! I am unique and original! — I have come to the realization that, well, I am. Here is a random list of 23 things basic 20-somethings like — including me.

1. Avocados

A delicious, healthy, superfood god sent from the very heavens above amen.

2. Radio music

Yes, we know that our taste is super "main stream." Don't care, bye.

3. Tall black boots

They have so much possibility, is that basic or practical?

4. The Kardashians

We love to hate them and want to be them and OMG, those butts though.

5. Lip from "Shameless"

Is it really basic to appreciate a beautiful bad boy?

6. "Grey's Anatomy"

It's a beautiful day to be basic.

7. Snapchat

The filters just make us look so adorable. And plus, it's necessary to post 10 sec tidbits of our lives constantly. The world needs to know.

8. Tacos

Not sure when Mexican food became basic, but it did. Come here, you delicious Chipotle burrito.

9. Jean skirts

The early 2000s are back, and they are a staple for college girls at parties everywhere.

10. Post Malone

He's so ugly-cute and edgy and full of feelings UGH love us you talented man.

11. White converse

Damn Daniel, guess you're not basic with you're white vans.

12. Champagne


13. "Cute Animals" or "Cute Babies" on Twitter

Like look, the puppy is kissing the baby!! That is just presh.

14. Oversized sunglasses

They hide your face, so you can secretly stare at all the other basic ladies walking by.

15. Iced coffee

We know the jokes about white girls and PSLs, but here in New England? Basic girls run on iced coffee from Dunkin', y'all.

16. Food pics

Why spend $14 on an acai bowl if you're not even going to post a pic of it, with a geotag of course.

17. Chicken nuggets

McDonald's, Chick-Fil-A, Wendy's...if we can eat it with honey mustard, we want it.

18. Pilates/Zumba/Spinning

Because why not be fit in the cutest classes only?

19. Oversized sweatshirts

Actually, oversized everything. T-shirts, sweatshirts, scarves, etc. It's comfy AND cute. Everyone is doing it, guys.

20. Ripped jeans

We don't even care when our dads say "did you pay full price for those?" anymore.

21. Reusable water bottles

Eco-friendly hydration? You think it's basic, I think I'm saving the world thanks.

22. Leggings

They are pants. Comfy pants that make your cake look great.

23. Forever 21, H&M, etc.

Shopping at the same chains found in every mall across America where they sell on trend clothes for like $10 is a life necessity.

24. Themed parties

You feel like there is nothing more fun than going to a darty dressed like it is the 1980's.

25. Small, meaningful tattoos

This is a star, which I got for my mom because she is my star. And also because I want to be edgy while also being cute and classy.

26. Weird slang

"Yass baes, that was 1-hundo-P us at the clerb last night!!!" Doesn't that just sound so cute?

27. Selfies

With a duck face probably, and only in the perfect light.