10 Things That Happen Bar-Crawling In Blacksburg, VA
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10 Experiences You Have Bar-Crawling Your Way Through Downtown Blacksburg, VA

The chronicles within a Blacksburg night at the bars...

10 Experiences You Have Bar-Crawling Your Way Through Downtown Blacksburg, VA

Being 21 is so awesome. People respect you more, you get to skip the lines at dining halls, and your family thinks of you as an adult (as if your bat mitzvah didn't make that clear enough).

Virginia Tech has roughly six bars, depending on what you consider a bar. In this article, I am considering places that strictly do car bombs as a bar.

I have a friend that goes to the University of Georgia and they have over 80 bars. I think that that is just so overwhelming! It's similar to when, at the end of the night, there are 80 boys trying for my friend's attention — it just gets complicated to choose, so they just walk away emptyhanded.

Picking from six is a lot easier because you can eliminate based on what you're looking for.

Personality? That leaves you with two or three bars in Blacksburg.

Looks? Good luck sister!

I present to you a listicle of Blacksburg bar-related things.

(Only '90s kids will get this.)

1. When you optimistically get to Sharkeys at 5 to start early...


... versus when you need to be escorted out at 9:


2. When you have to ask a random girl to be the door for you in Al's bathroom


3. When TOTS karaoke doesn't have the song you like REALLY need to perform that night

4. When Al's changes their cover from $1 to $2

5. Sharkey's bathroom: if you wanted a sauna you could have made mixies in war memorial's facilities

6. Smoking a cig and playing darts in the basement of Champs because you're the ultimate guy's girl

7. When your friend orders you a rail at 12

8. When you're trying to order as many drinks as you can at Sharkey's before 9

9. When you are feeling classy and above everyone else, so you sit in Poor Billy's before going upstairs

10. When you bring your own toilet paper from home because you don't trust any facility to have anything more than one-ply

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