I used to photograph and attend a lot of house shows in my sophomore and junior years of college. However, I'm in my senior year of college now and people's pettiness and personal issues are having such a large impact on the house show scene here that it's no longer enjoyable to me. It used to be something I loved, but after receiving a lifetime ban from the Campbell Club and Lorax Manner (in which I was never told what I did to deserve the ban and wasn't given any way to appeal the decision), I've realized the majority (keyword: MAJORITY) of this music scene just cares about pettiness.

Bars, on the other hand, don't give a f*ck about pettiness as long as you're 21.

1. Bars have live music, too


Considering all house shows charge a "suggested donation" that really isn't a suggestion at all, who cares about paying a cover charge at a bar?

2. Bars have better bathrooms 


I mean, this isn't a huge selling point considering how sh*tty some house show bathrooms are, BUT there's usually more than one toilet accessible to the public which is pretty dope.



Need I say more?

4. Bars almost always have an outdoor area where you can smoke


Of course, you can't rip your bong in this outside area, but you could smoke a cigarette.

5. I like going to a place where I actually won't get kicked out unless I do something wrong


I literally got a lifetime ban from two house show venues here when I spent the whole night completely minding my own business and either dancing with my friends inside or smoking outside. Doesn't really seem worthy of a ban, does it? A bar would never do something like that without a DAMN good reason (that they would tell you).

6. There are so many different bars


Each and every bar has their own vibe and aesthetic. In a city like Eugene, you're bound to find one bar that fits your style.