Can It Get Any Worse Mother Nature?
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Can It Get Any Worse Mother Nature?

I don't think anybody knows what is normal.

Can It Get Any Worse Mother Nature?

Raise your hand if you feel like Armageddon is the new normal? Yeah, me too. How is it that no matter what subject comes out of the news it turns into a political argument between numb nuts that have no business making decisions about it?

The worse numb nut of them all is the Governor of Florida. Mr. DeSantis is the most overreaching, socialist politician I have ever seen. He is so close to being a socialist that it scares me to think I might have to one day get my bread, milk, and water from a line using a punch card.

What angers me most about this foul man is his use of a deadly virus to incite hatred, fear, and contributions to his campaign. At this very moment he has pushed the Florida Education system under the bus and is bragging about it. His actions in Florida are akin to political genocide.

At the beginning of the pandemic, he scrambled to keep the economy open as money making industries shutter for the health of their employees. Then the vaccine became available. He systematically doled them out to save the senior citizens mostly because many of them are republican, wealthy, and will vote for him in 2022. He is now removing his opposition. You know the people between the ages of 25 to 55 that are mostly democrats.

They are a stubborn bunch of people that have been coddled for most of their lives. Getting the free lunches and bailed out when needed. These are the same people last year at this time that were marching down the streets with signs of "Black Lives Matter." However, like all the other causes this group of adults wants to get behind, it fizzles out when a new shiny cause comes along. They are quick to judge or cancel an idea, person, or vaccine solely on whatever pops up on their twitter feed. The women like to mommy shame, the men like to pretend they are living in a happy marriage while having a private Tinder account for those nights that their wives are at book clubs or wine sampling parties. But I digress.

DeSantis' "let the parents decide if their children should wear a mask in school" is a homicide with nobody but him pulling the trigger. Every political hack that follows suit will also have the deaths of innocent people on their simple minded conscious. If he would just stop with the rhetoric about the masks and continue to push the vaccine, then we can all go back to hating him for obvious political reasons.

What other reasons might you ask? There is the red tide that has been a problem for decades, and he went to the coast looked at it and said, "We need to get the cruise ships back up and people on them." Not sure how that fixes red tide, but it makes his economy look better because nobody wants to sit, fish, or swim at a beach that reeks of dead fish and burns their skin and eyes of the pollutants from it.

Of course, there is the enormous number of manatee deaths this year that seem to be overlooked by everyone. It is a sure sign that the state of Florida is going to hell in a handbasket. The only way DeSantis would consider looking into these deaths is if they voted republican. Sorry you graceful, gentle sea cows, hope you manage to survive like the children getting on those big yellow buses.

With all the executive orders this governor has signed in the last year, he is already primed for his term in the white house. Nobody churns out a sizable number of executive orders, then a governor/wanna be president like him. Well, the other numb nut in Texas as well.

As the world spins on its axis and another natural disaster tears the globe apart, I see it as Mother Nature telling us to slow down and appreciate life. We did it for a few months last year, the skies were bluer as the smog dissipated. Mother Nature took a sigh of relief and thought she made her point and the dirty little humans would appreciate their environment and start cleaning it up. Well as we all know from our own experiences, that has not happened.

She is back with a vengeance as most scientist predicted. I have been told by a good friend that it is in our nature to kill or be killed. I was hoping he might be wrong and humanity could win the battle. Sorry Mother Nature but it is time to take off my rose-colored glasses.

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