11 Things That Happen As Soon As You Go Home After Your First Year Of College
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11 Things That Happen As Soon As You Go Home After Your First Year Of College

"You’ll remember how much you missed your pets"

11 Things That Happen As Soon As You Go Home After Your First Year Of College
Adriana Ranieri

So you just finished your first year of college...

After hours upon hours of studying and doing homework, late nights with your friends, and waking up 10 minutes before class, you have officially made it. Saying goodbye to your friends has never felt harder, but you're excited to go home and see your OG friend group that have made you the person you are today.

Here are 11 things that happen when you go home after your first year of college.

1. You finally get a nice home cooked meal.

Although the cafeteria food is okay, you've probably missed having moms famous meatballs, or grandmas home cooked anything. (Is it a rule that all grandmas have to be amazing at cooking?) Nothing beats sitting at the dinner table with your family while your brothers throw food across the table. Also you'll just be happy to not have to eat the same things everyday like you do at school.

2. Your bedroom has been converted to storage

Chances are, your mom has moved all of her JUNK into your bedroom. Shoe boxes everywhere, random bills, old photos, and countless other things. If you ask your dad how it happened he'll probably just shrug and walk away. Be aware that if you touch anything, or try to throw it away your mom will convince you that it has a purpose.

3. Friends from school will text you that they miss you every day.

In college we build the kind of friendships that will last us a life time. These people have seen you at your worst and your best this past semester, and you've seen them every day. You will talk to them all the time and you'll count down the days till your back at school again.

4. You're going to see your friends from home.

While you've been away a lot has happened in your friends lives. Your best friend will always be the same, but the people you weren't that close with are different. This isn't always a bad thing, but be prepared for conversations to be a lot different now. Everyone has stories from school that they want to tell. The things you all used to joke about might not be as funny anymore, but you'll all still find joy in the things you used to. Some things never change.

5. You're going to get really bored.

When you're at school, you're constantly meeting new people and seeing new faces. Especially if you go to school in a big city or a populated area, everything seems so big and exciting! Going home, everything will feel the same but different. Maybe its because you've seen it all so many times before, but your hometown will start to feel like the smallest place in the world. There will be days that you quite literally will do absolutely nothing all day. At school it's so easy to always have something to do or people to be around. At home, not so much.

6. Mom and Dad don't care how late you stay out anymore.

That whole summer right after you graduated high school, your parents were on you like a hawk. You had to tell them where you were at all times, who you were with, what time you're going to be home, and you had to make curfew or else you couldn't go to the 12 grad parties you had the next day. Now, after being away for a year, your parents have calmed down a lot. While they still appreciate knowing where you are, they really could care less what you do. You've been away and on your own for 8 months, so things at home have mellowed out a bit.

7. Everyone will be working, a lot.

As a broke college student, you have come to understand the importance of having your own money. All your friends are back at home working to save up for next semester. Some friends are working to pay off their loans, some to pay tuition next semester, and some to have just a little extra cash on the side. What sucks is that everyone is working different hours so it's hard to see each other. But you're all adults now, right? Some of your friends will have internships, and others will be back at the local ice cream stand. One things for sure, you'd all rather be at the beach.

8. The bars at home can't compare to the ones at school.

The bars and clubs at school are where some of your best memories from the semester are. There’s nothing like walking home with your best friend at 2 a.m. with your heels in hand laughing about the night you had. At home, the bars are full of people you've never seen before, and it's just not the same.

9. You'll remember how much you missed your pets.

It’s safe to say that we all love our pets. Being away at school was SO hard without your furry best friend, but after the first semester you got used to them not being around. The moment you walk in your door and you see you fur baby, you'll realize how much being away from them sucked. Luckily you get all the night time snuggles you want this summer!

10. Your siblings will be a lot nicer to you.

Although you fight like hell, you and your siblings have missed each other a lot over the past year away. Your younger siblings will probably annoy you to hangout, but that’s just because they missed you, and your older siblings will probably start inviting you to drink with them.

11. Summer will fly by.

Remember that its only three months. In the midst of working, hanging out with friends and family, and the downtime, you'll be back at school before you know it. Don't miss out on having fun this summer!

From a college junior going into their senior year, to the newly finished freshman, it goes by so fast. You're 1/4th of the way there, and summer is the time to remember the times when life was simpler.

Don't forget to have fun, and have a great summer!

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