I’m The Girl Who Wears Workout Clothes 24/7, And I Don't Even Work Out– Not Sorry About It

I’m The Girl Who Wears Workout Clothes 24/7, And I Don't Even Work Out– Not Sorry About It

Athleisure has dominated American fashion culture, especially on college campus', but it totally makes sense why.


Let's face it, we're in college now. Picking outfits for the day is far different than what it was in high school. In high school, I would always pick out my clothes the night before to make sure the morning was a breeze and still would know my outfit would be on point. Whether it was to draw attention to the cute boys at school or try to look ~trendy~ for your fellow classmates, you always wanted to make sure your outfit was a 10/10. College is way different…

In college you find yourself scrambling clothes together 15 minutes before class starts and you wind up wearing leggings, tank tops and a sweatshirt for those cold lecture classes. When it comes to college, your main goal is to be comfy. Whether you're at the library writing a paper or walking to class, you want to feel comfortable.

No one likes arriving to class sweaty as can be, as your jeans stick to your legs from sweat, and your shirt is far from being breezy and loose-fitting. So what do me and every other girl on a college campus do? We wear workout clothes to class! Maybe we won't work out that day…or any day, but workout clothes are not only cute but also absorb sweat!

While others question my fashion choice by doing this, it makes the most sense. Think about it: you go to school in Florida with the temperature always being around 85 degrees, you have to walk from one side of campus to the other. Why would you choose to be uncomfortable? Athleisure is something I pride myself in and there is no problem with that! You may ask why this has become such a huge trend, but the reasoning is the fact that it's cute and comfy! And let's not forget the fact that wearing workout clothes can (sometimes) motivate you to go to the gym or simply eat healthier!

I know that I would not be eating a burger when I have workout clothes on, it just doesn't fit. And let's be honest, I low-key want people to think that I work out daily. So yes, I am the girl that wears workout clothes 24/7 and never workouts, but I'm not sorry about it.

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