A Letter To All Aspiring Odyssey Creators

A Letter To All Aspiring Odyssey Creators

Just remember, quality over quantity!


Hello internet world!

It's almost a month since I've posted an article, and I do apologize for my absence, I've missed you so much! I've been on a study abroad trip to Costa Rica, and am currently stuck in Ft. Lauderdale after there was miscommunication about my flight departure time (thanks JetBlue)! But now that I'm back on stable WiFi, I'm back and I'm not going anywhere!

Now that we have the tearful reunion out of the way, it's article time! Whilst traveling the beautiful country that is Costa Rica, I was thinking about it, and I realized that my one year anniversary with Odyssey passed on June 15th! A year ago, my president Christine took a chance on me, and I am so glad she did! This community has brought me some of my best friends, has challenged me both intellectually and creatively, and has made me fall in love with writing again! As a one year creator, I thought it was important to share what I've learned with the new wave of people who are coming into the community.

First thing, THIS IS NOT EASY. If you're going to apply to be a creator thinking that it will be an easy resume builder, you have another thing coming my friend! You have a weekly deadline that must be followed, this means you need to come up with something new each week! Now I am in NO position to be lecturing about following deadlines, I have not been the best at meeting deadlines, as I am typing this article, I'm in an airport hoping I meet the deadline with the time difference! This job is not easy, it will challenge you, but I promise you that it is worth it! Which brings me to my second point...

BE CREATIVE! When I first started, all of my friends used to joke about the "Open Letter" articles that would constantly get posted on the website. And while these articles are good and sentimental, people get bored of them easily. If these articles are meaningful to you and help articulate your feelings, more power to you, however, I encourage you to branch out, write about something unique and interesting! Offer a different perspective, write about different cleansing tea combinations, or even write about the time you went parasailing with a goat named Frank (if anyone has a story like that, salute to you!). My point is, don't do what everyone else does. Write what matters to you and what you believe, the beauty of Odyssey is that you have a platform to produce what ever content you want! This leads me to my third and final point, which is...

HAVE FUN WITH IT! We're not getting paid for this, so enjoy yourself! Don't worry about page views either, I know this may be shocking but hear me out. When I first started, I was basing my topics of writing based off "what would be popular". What I found tho was that this was constricting my writing process, and I wasn't producing quality content. If you have a well written article, the views will come, I promise. I have written articles that I thought would blow up that have less than 100 views, and I have articles with thousands of views that I just wrote to get my feelings out. My point is that your QUALITY of your product is more important than the QUANTITY of the views it gets.

The past 370 days since I joined Odyssey have not been easy, I have struggled with relationships, school, and my own mental health. But the one thing that remained a constant was this website, and the outlet it gave me to express myself. If you are looking for a place to grow professionally and intellectually, come on and join Odyssey! You'll be surprised where it takes you!

Stay true to yourselves my guys, gals, and non-binary pals! (Shoutout to Thomas Sanders for the killer catchphrase!)

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Dimitri Sotos

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Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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Not Everyone Is Worth My Time And Energy And That's OK

I had a lot of "best friends" growing up


I have learned many lessons these past four years, almost five years of college and the roots go back all the way to my childhood. The lesson I have learned at 22 is: not everyone is worth your time and energy.

I'm from a small town where pretty much my whole graduating class I knew from either all the way back to pre-school or to the first or second grade. I had a lot of "best friends" growing up and we were glued to the hips during recess and at the afterschool program at the YMCA. I was nice to have so many friends to play with on the playground, and to eat lunch with or to sit on the circle carpet for story time. It was nice to have a partner in crime always.

Middle school is when I just wanted to be liked. I was in jazz band, band, choir, and soccer. I got along fine with my band nerds, but in middle school, cliques begin and they're hard to break or join if you haven't been friends with them since you were little. My "best friends" weren't glued to my hip anymore, and I was tackling on middle school the best I could.

High school I had many "best friends" again. Thanks to theatre, show choir, chorus, fundraisers, late night rehearsals and classes I was constantly with my people. I was with the people who understood my late-night homework stress and running quickly to Dunkin Donuts to grab a bagel and coffee before our three o'clock rehearsal. These people understood me in ways my family didn't. They were always there to talk about my problems and darkest secrets, and they were my second family since I was rarely home those four years.

Now I'm in college and am back to not have many "best friends" and I'm learning that's okay. I am okay with a small group of real friends. Friends who will answer my calls and texts when I have an emergency, good news, or need to move furniture around my dorm because I'm bored. I don't need a ton of best friends, because I'm learning I didn't really know all of those "best friends" in my group of 20 friends. I vaguely knew them, but I didn't know every little detail, I couldn't finish their sentences, and I don't know their stir fry order if they're late to dinner.

I am a people pleaser and I want people to like me. Yet if those "best friends" don't like me I have to be okay with that. I don't need to put in my energy and time to make them like me. I have friends on campus who are glued to my hip, daily food dates, library dates, and someone I can bounce ideas off. Those are the best friends I need. The friends who miss me when I'm gone for a day or so and know the ending of my bad jokes.

You're not going to have everyone like you and it's not worth your time and energy. I bet you're an amazing person who is surrounded by the right people you need in life right now. Forget the ones who burnt the bridge between you two and be happy with the people who you have in your life and have stayed through thick and then. Those are your best friends and your people.

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