I Asked 16 People What The Weirdest Thing Someone Has Said To Them On A Dating App And This Is What They Said
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I Asked 16 People What The Weirdest Thing Someone Has Said To Them On A Dating App And This Is What They Said

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I Asked 16 People What The Weirdest Thing Someone Has Said To Them On A Dating App And This Is What They Said
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Dating apps are mostly known for horror stories and cheesy pickup lines. I've heard of people having great luck on them and then others who refuse to use them anymore, which I can see why. People say the weirdest things when they match with others. Is this tactic something they think works? I'm not sure the answer to that question. I decided to ask people what was the weirdest thing they've had said to them on the dating apps.

If you want a good laugh, check out what these 16 individuals had to say about their encounters:


"I matched with a girl and see she has a dress with a Tardis on it. I showed her my "Doctor Who" cosplay and she said, 'I'm the Tardis and you're the doctor, so come inside me.'" - Anonymous


"Honestly, marry me. You're a hottie who is also a memer” and “Can you send me bugs?”- Brice


"A guy offered me $200 if I gave him a smelly pair of shoes"- Reba


"Someone asked if they could drink my pee" - Brett


Well, they used this line: - Elana


"Are you going to come over and arrest me?" - James


"When would you like to send me photos of your butthole?" - Bryan


"They said 'Who is the cutest guy on here?' and they didn't have a profile picture. I responded by saying, 'Me.' - Thomas


"For 150 roses you can do whatever you want to me." And by roses, they don’t mean the flowers. - Doug


"Hey, I'm not sure but I know this is a fake account and all, so if you could give me the number of the model you used in your photos that would be great" - Heidi


"I bet you taste like heaven" - Marina


"How come you look different in every single one of your photos and are you trying to be like Angelina Jolie?" - Anonymous


“I want to paint you green and spank you like a naughty avocado” - Anonymous


"I just checked out your profile and I think we should get married next week. I know this guy who is a justice of the peace and he can get this done for us. We may have to meet him at his weekend job, but you don't mind getting married a liquor store, do you?" - Haley


"Hey, I'm going to Whole Foods, want me to get you anything?" - Elyse


"Are you Harambe's enclosure? Because I'd like to put a kid inside you"- Anonymous

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