I Asked 10 People Why They Ghosted Someone And 'Boo'hoo!—It's Not That Scary
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I Asked 10 People Why They Ghosted Someone And 'Boo'hoo!—It's Not That Scary

"She was CRAZY."

I Asked 10 People Why They Ghosted Someone And 'Boo'hoo!—It's Not That Scary

The term “ghosting” is fairly new, though the concept is not. When you want to end things with someone, but don’t feel like giving an explanation.

There’s a lot of reasons for what it could be. I thought it might help some people who’ve been ghosted to hear from some guys, and girls, why they ghosted someone.

1. “Straight up, she was just crazy, like absolutely crazy. She wanted me to text her every second of the day, and if I didn’t, that meant I was cheating. I broke it off without explanation because I just couldn’t handle it anymore." - Jake, 22

2. “I actually got back together with my ex-boyfriend and didn’t know how to tell them, so I kinda just blocked them on everything.” - Anonymous, 21

3. “She was CRAZY.” - Anonymous, 21

4. “I didn’t mean to do it. It just happened; I don’t really think it’s a big deal.” - Alex, 19

5. “If the person isn’t the one for you, then it's okay to do it, like can you really see a future with them? Is your life better with them in it? Do they make you happy? I think ghosting and that term can be misconstrued with just not wanting to waste time on something that you know is not what you want.” - Gian, 21

6. “She literally went totally nuts, like I could just not take it anymore.” - Anonymous

7. “Some guys just don’t get the hint either way. With me, I feel bad after they send you a third unanswered text you’d think they’d get it.” - Becca, 22

8. “If you don’t like someone, simple as that. I don’t think it needs to be looked at as this horrible thing unless you are actually dating them.” - Jake, 21

9. “I was scared of her reaction to me ending things, figured it would be the easiest way to do it.” - Anonymous, 20

10. “Ghosting is a clear way of showing you don’t give a crap about someone. A guy doesn't respect you if he ghosts you.” - Anonymous, 21

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