Ariana Grande Deserves Better Than Pete Davidson
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Ariana, I'm Sure You're Hurting Right Now But, YES, You Deserve Way Better Than Pete

My girl has been through more these past three months than I have in my entire life. But, this is the only thing that I think I can cheer for.

Ariana, I'm Sure You're Hurting Right Now But, YES, You Deserve Way Better Than Pete

Ariana, girl, PLEASE see your worth.

I hate the cliche everything happens for a reason but, this happened for a reason that serves you good.

TMZ broke the news that Ariana and Pete have called off their engagement.

There is no bad blood though TMZ confirmed. They have just acknowledged that "it's not the right time" and in a relationship timing is everything. BUT, they have made sure that the public understands that they "still love each other."

BUT, in my opinion, I think maybe Ariana opened her eyes a little bit after Pete's lewd "SNL" skit that mostly poked fun at her... maybe?

Ariana and Pete announced their engagement in late May after they had been "casually" dating for a FEW weeks.

Yes, I said a few weeks.

Here's the thing,

I am tired of these celebs getting engaged so quick—do you know long people can pretend to be the people they're not just to show their true colors a few months later?

Ariana has literally been through hell and back and Pete consoles her by calling her hot and talking about how she gives him "mad boners."

Sorry, Pete, but you disgust me.

And I am told that people fall in love because of things other than looks (which is obvious in Pete and Ariana's case) but, come on! He doesn't even have a good personality!

I know that his career is based on humor but sometimes humor isn't enough or maybe it's too much. And it got me thinking, was this engagement a joke to Pete?

I'm pretty sure he's the last person laughing now.

In all serious thought, Ariana is going through so much and the public is trying to squeeze the life out of her begging for statements. In which she responded on Twitter "can i pls just have one okay day. just one. pls."

Ariana babe, you honestly deserve so much more than this heartbreak right now. And you deserve someone who is going to take that pain, throw it in the trash and learn how to help you cope with the pain you've been feeling for the past few months—not joke about it.

Honestly, if Pete shapes the hell up then maybe I'd be happy for him to come back into A's life. Otherwise, he can see his way out and let time do its work and help fix her up.

Best wishes Ari.

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