Troye Sivan is teasing another album with the recent releases of many singles but he surprised us all when he launched his collaboration piece with the one and only Ariana Grande called "Dance To This" and I'm obsessed.

The Name Speaks For Itself..


Its such a good song to dance to! the beat is super catchy and you could dance to just that alone, it is a super upbeat and fun song!

Ariana & Troye have such a vibe!!

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Both Ariana & Troye have a true aesthetic and when you combine them, all you see is #Queens

The song is just too relatable!


The song is literally about just dancing around with friends at home and not going out, how relatable is that??



between Ariana's beautiful vocal range and Troyes high notes its high note heaven. The combination of their high notes is almost angelic

Troye's Development Is ON POINT!!


Troye used to be a well known youtuber with a couple covers and now he's collaborating with ARIANA GRANDE! What a way to grow into a star!