Appreciating The Little Things
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Appreciating The Little Things

Everything is changing very soon :)

Appreciating The Little Things

Once again, high school is almost over, there are somethings I'm appreciating more and more now that soon things are about to be so different.

I appreciate the phone calls with my dad first thing in the morning.

I appreciate seeing my wonderful boyfriend after I get off the bus.

I appreciate going to see my friend and goof around with them for 10 minutes before the bell rings.

I appreciate suffering with the rest of my classmates while my teacher rants endlessly about something that we've all tuned out of after the first 5 minutes.

I appreciate walking with my friends to my next classes.

I appreciate Jazz band, and being able to hear all these amazing musicians play perfectly in sync

I appreciate lunch, playing uno with my friends, harassing each other and giggling like children.

I appreciate hugs, the smiles, the smirks and the rolling eyes.

I appreciate the arguments over stupid irrelevant things and the laughing over how dumb we are for getting upset over something so small.

I appreciate my online class even though I have no idea what's going on most of the time.

I appreciate going home and being able to lie around and be lazy.

I appreciate acting ridiculously silly and talking to my mom at home.

I appreciate going to work and joking around with my coworkers and dealing with both nice and difficult customers.

I appreciate the long hot showers and the solitude of my room (sometimes)

I appreciate going to church and seeing all those friendly faces, and learning more about God and what it is to be a Christian.

I appreciate being able to spend so much time with all the people I care about.

I appreciate being able to date someone who is soo out of my league and being able to spend time with him and his hilarious family c:

I appreciate the close friends I have and that I can confide in them no matter how small the problem.

I appreciate the way things are now and that things are all going to change soon.

Highschool almost being over is making me so sappy, but I just wanted to write about something that was on my mind. I want to appreciate everything I have right now before it all changes. You all should my fellow seniors, things are about to be so incredibly different and fun I'm sure, just a different kind of fun :D. Just make sure you treasure your life now before it all changes. :)

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