6 Types Of People You HATE To Watch Sports With

6 Types Of People You HATE To Watch Sports With

The Super Bowl is around the corner, and that means lots of people are looking to hit the bars or getting together with friends to watch the game at home. Be wary though, there are plenty of people out there who can ruin the experience for everyone.


I've watched a lot of sports in my lifetime. I've also watched them in a lot of different places with a lot of different people. That being said, there are plenty of respectable, everyday people who act like complete fools when it comes to sports, especially when their hometown team is involved. That being said, here are a few types of people you probably want to try and avoid this Super Bowl Sunday.

1. The person who gets way too drunk 

There's nothing wrong with having a few drinks during the game. Beer and sports have become nearly inseparable in the American psyche. However, there is a big difference between getting a good buzz and being absolutely obliterated. As Bill Simmons always says, "No one wants to be that guy who gets so drunk and ruins it for everyone." If you wake up the next morning and can't remember who won the game, maybe you had a bit too much to drink.

2. The person who always wants to gamble

As someone who no longer has an NFL team in their hometown (thanks Stan), I can understand the desire to add a little more action to the game. That's a big pull for fantasy football. You suddenly find yourself interested in NFL games, teams and players that you would have never usually cared about just because they might determine the fate of your team that week. And then when the fantasy football season ends after Week 16 there's really only the playoffs left to bet on. It's nice to be able to bet online or play some daily/weekly fantasy sports but there's nothing like betting with friends. That being said, if you're trying to bet me something every 10 minutes on something like "I'll bet you $10 he run for 15 yards" I'm going to get quickly annoyed.

3. The person who asks too many questions

The Super Bowl is by and large the most popular sporting event in America. So much so that even the commercials and halftime show have created their own subset of viewers. Chances are, there will be someone at your watch party or group hitting the bars that doesn't watch football very often. So the onus is on this type of person to know when to ask questions responsibly. It's difficult to pay attention to the game while at the same time explaining it's minutia. Football is not a terribly complicated sport and color commentary nowadays has become much more advanced in recent years. Not to say that no one can ask any questions, but as before be considerate of those around you.

4. The person who yells after every play

One of the best parts about sports is how passionate fans get about their teams. And emotions are never higher when a championship is on the line. That being said, there's always someone who goes just a bit too far. The person who gets way too drunk and the person who yells after every play are often the same. These kinds of people are not only disruptive to the people in your group but your immediate surroundings as well. I understand getting excited about big plays but if you stand up and yell after a five-yard pass we're going to have a problem.

5. The person who's on their phone the whole game

Talk about a stereotypical millennial move. Especially with the Super Bowl coming up, space is usually at a premium especially if you're watching at a restaurant or bar. So why for the love of all that is good would you waste a spot if you're not going to watch the game? The same goes for spots if you're going to be at a house or apartment. Obviously couch space is more valuable than island space , so if you're not going to pay attention to the game you might as well try and sit somewhere as far away from the TV as possible.

6. The person who would have gone pro if it wasn't for their bum knee

These kinds of people are former athletes are usually the most critical of the athletes despite being some of the most conditioned people in the world and the top one percent of the one percent in their profession. You'll hear some classic lines like "I would have made that catch," "why did he run the ball that way" and the classic "I could have played longer if it wasn't for my injury." These people really never developed past their high school athletic career which can make for some limited and frankly annoying conversation.

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Cover Image Credit:

Vine/Katie Ryan

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10 Problems Girls With THICK Hair Always Get Tangled Up In

"Wow, you have so much hair!"


When you have thick hair, you're very well aware of all the problems that come with it. For those of you who do not have thick hair, here are just 10 things people with thick hair have to go through.

1. You always feel hot because your hair is just SO thick 

On the plus side, our hair can be used as ear muffs when it's cold. On the down side, summer (and "spring" and "fall" if you live in the south).

2. Shedding 

How'd that hair get there?! No one knows.

3. You go through ponytail holders like nobody's business 

Have you ever broken a ponytail holder the FIRST time you tried to use it? Well, thick-haired people have.

4. Don't even bother brushing 

If you have thick AND curly hair like moi, brushing is NOT an option unless your hair is wet.

5. Speaking of wet hair...

Oh, you want your hair DRY? Good luck with having dry hair after you shower. It'll be a while.

6. Want to dye your hair?

Be prepared to spend all day at the hair salon. You have to go through ROUNDS of bleach before you can even start to color your hair. And also be prepared to shell out at least $100.

7. You have to style you hair in LAYERS 

You'd be better off just putting it in a ponytail and calling it a say. Ain't nobody got time for that!

8. Short hair? Good luck!

Having short thick hair, while taking less time to wash, is even EXTRA thick because the curls have nowhere to go.

9. Long hair? In summer?

If you've ever had long thick hair, you'll know that summertime is the. Absolute. Worst. You're sweating not even five seconds of being outside and the frizz. Oh my goodness, the frizz.

10. Headaches 

With you hair being on top of your head all the time, headaches are a natural occurrence.

On the plus side, my hairdresser always says "wow your hair is so thick!"

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