The 7 Most Annoying Phrases Men Say To Women
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'Let's Just Be Friends' And 6 Other Annoying Phrases That Men Tell Us

So no one told you life was gonna be this way... *anxious, confused clapping*

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Ohhhhhh yes. Along with the world of dating comes the drawback of awkward conversations with guys who are not Mr. Right. Unless you're lucky and never find yourself being strung along by someone who has other plans, you've had your fair share of moments where men seem to be intentionally trying to piss you off.

Here are the most annoying things men say to women:

1. Let's just be friends.

"Let's just be friends," says the boy who initiated things. Yeah, okay. Frieeeeeends. *eye roll*. That's basically code for "let's not label it so I can do whatever and whoever I want to without feeling guilty about acting flirty with you too." Or at least, that's the case half of the time.

2. I'm just busy.

"I'm just busy," says the boy who you know isn't "just busy," but who refuses to tell you what the actual problem is.

Okay, yeah there are situations when maybe he really is busy, or maybe he isn't busy but has something personal to deal with that he isn't comfortable talking to you about yet.

But GUYS: for those of you who AREN'T JUST BUSY and simply won't be honest: I don't know what you think you're accomplishing. None of us know.

3. Lol.


4. ...*silence*

This one. THIS ONE.

If you're going to be unusually busy that day and unable to respond, let us know that you're having a busy day.

If something's up and you don't feel like talking, let us know that something's up. Or at least tell us after the fact.

P L E A S E stop letting us sit in silence for hours on end without responding to any messages. It's worrying and also just flat out annoying.

5. Sorry, I haven't been on my phone.

Really? How did you post a snapstory without going on your phone?

6. I'll let you know.

When you tell someone you'll "let them know" whether or not you can go to whatever they are planning, ACTUALLY LET THEM KNOW! Don't just say that to get out of going.

If you don't want to go, just tell us that you're not up to it or that you have other plans or whatever the case may be. Don't leave us hanging.

7. I didn't mean to...

Okay, so you've been caught redhanded, clearly.

Don't hit us with your "I didn't mean to" excuse.

That literally makes no sense.

How do you do something that is blatantly and obviously hurting someone who cares about you without realizing that you're hurting them? If there's been some kind of major miscommunication, that's one thing. But when you both know where you stand and what you should and shouldn't be doing with other people... don't do those things?

Don't tell us you never meant to hurt us when it would have been so ridiculously easy for you to avoid hurting us.

It's generally pretty obvious when certain actions or words are or aren't hurtful.

Excuses, excuses.

If you fall victim to any of these annoyances, you surely aren't the only one.

Brush it off and go laugh about it with your friends- they've definitely seen it before, too.

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