5 Annoying Things All Siblings Do

Siblings. They can either be the best or the worst. There is really no in between. However, despite all their flaws, and there is many of them, you still love them to death! Sometimes.

Here are 5 annoying things that everyone with a sibling has experienced.

1. Bringing up the past - the way way past!


It's like you ask your sibling to get you a water bottle and they're like, "But remember how on July 25th, 2009, I asked you to do this for me and you said no?"

Like it's been years.. let it go! I am guilty of doing the same thing though.

2. They eat your food without asking


Has your sibling ever just like came up to you while you were eating and just snatched one of your fries or drank some of your soda..

3. Trying to beat you at everything!


It's just like you just mention that you're going to take a shower, and all of a sudden they're Lightning McQueen trying to beat you to the bathroom!

4. Blame you for everything


An alien could come invade our home and my sisters would still be like "she did it!". Talk about a tattle-tale.

5. They always just plain out roast you


It's like watching a funny movie and the "ugly" character comes on and they're like "hey you're on tv!".. when my younger sister says that I just stare at her and say "You were adopted!"

Siblings are a pain but you got to love them.. sometimes.
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