For Those Suffering From Anxiety
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For Those Suffering From Anxiety

An Orignal Poem

For Those Suffering From Anxiety

Tear drops wants to fall

I want to come clean

There’s sadness in the heart

Everyone around are content

They automatically assume the same for me

Picture, picture, smile for the picture

Captions will “prove” that all is well

Tear drops wants to fall

Please, no one look this way

Someone notices the frowns

But doesn’t know what to say

We join together in hopes for conversation

My body language describes how I feel

Eventually giving in for the sake of strong tension

Once more, you have seen my dissatisfaction

Tear drops wants to fall

Overwhelmed with the company that surrounds me

“Our” discussions were so prevalent

They were seeking attention

Their words were empty

Escaping the crowd was a temporary option

It’ll create some time to clear my mind

No one will find me here

Tear drops are falling down

Now I cleared my throat just on time

It’s overwhelming to be in this place

This is not where I belong

You have now caught my attention

Have seen my wet eyes

You have yet to know my reasons

For wanting to cry

Relief I felt once the gathering was over

To finally be alone

Away from the distractions

To this place I call my own

Tear drops have fallen down

This is a poem dedicated to those who suffer from social anxiety. I personally know someone who suffers from this particular anxiety and becomes easily overwhelmed even in small social settings. This is a poem inspired by that person to know that they are not alone.

This poem was written during a big ceremony. Everyone acted strangely because they wanted to fit in with each other. From past experiences, needing to fit in was the common entity to feel and so it was often done out of desperation.

"We join together in hopes for conversation...Eventually giving in for the sake of strong tension.." these lines explain how once a group of people came together to form a social gathering, the character eventually "gives in for the sake of strong tension" stating that she would rather not be part of it, but knew it would draw even more attention toward her if she hadn't.

The lines "They were seeking attention...Their words were empty," explain how the gathering consisted of those who seek attention to themselves and how their words have no meaning.

The poem ends as she sighs in relief that the mandatory gathering is over and she is back in her comfort zone; alone to reflect on herself and to release all of her nervousness that she held on to.

When someone is going through society anxiety, it can be tough. Lots of emotions are playing out all at once and while all that is occurring, it is hard to stay focused. The most important thing to remember while going through this is to always try to stay calm and find peace within yourself.

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