An Opinion On Exams
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An Opinion On Exams

Exams- you either hate them or you hate them.

An Opinion On Exams

What is the purpose of an educational examination? What is the purpose for an exam? To haunt students? To scar future generations of millions of children and adults? I don't understand them nor do I like them. I have never once in my entire life met a person who enjoys taking an exam. I find it hard that such a person even exists (no offense to those who do like exams). I just cannot fathom anybody taking exams as their cup of tea.

Unfortunately, this week is the end of my first term of junior year in high school. That means that I have exams to take and tears to shed. I've taken many exams over my career as being a student and I still cannot get over the fear of exams. Just the word sends chills up my spine. How can a small 8 by 11 inch paper scare me to the point of sweating and heavy breathing? I know how. This small piece of paper essentially dictates my future. If I don't do well on this exam, then I won't do well in this class. If I don't do well in this class then I won't do well this year. If I don't do well this year then my GPA (grade point average) will decrease significantly. If my GPA decreases significantly, then my chances of a college accepting me and me getting a somewhat substantial scholarship will not go well. If I don't get into college then I won't find a job and if I don't find a job I will have no future.

So, again, what is the purpose to exam a student? Okay, okay, I understand that it is to see if they are learning blah, blah, blah. However, if you want us to do well in the class and want to see if we do understand what we have been working on over the course of a term/semester/year, then why don't you make the exams count for nothing? Why make it such a big part of our grades and such a key player in our futures? The stress of having to deal with exams causes more stress than necessary. Yes, for me, my stress causes more stress and the base of all this stress is having to take an exam. (Oh, sorry, I meant multiple exams.) All I have to say is that why is it that one test can tear down all that you've worked hard for over the course of a term/semester/year? Everything you've worked for down the drain simply because you are not a good test taker or perhaps you were just having an off day or even maybe because you forgot to study? Why, oh why, is this the case?

My mother is a professor. During exam season, she is typically working late grading a bunch of exams which are several pages long. I don't think she particularly enjoys flipping through 200 students' test in the middle of the night in the living room of my house but I could be wrong. Maybe she does enjoy it. Or, maybe, I could go and ask her right this moment if she does. Let me get back to you on that. Oh. Well, after asking my mother, she has confirmed my suspicions that she does not in fact enjoy grading papers late into the night all in one weekend. How surprising.

Now, I don't mean to sound stuck up and up tight and entitled but after reading what I just wrote, I sound like a whiny brat who did not get what she wanted. But, I mean well. Truly I do. I just, again like said before, cannot find a single person in this earth who enjoys risking their entire life on one piece of paper. I could be exaggerating but that is no matter. Perhaps because I am such a poor test taker is why I am so bitter towards exams. Who knows. Really, who knows.

My conclusion is this: let's get rid of exams! We can keep tests but let's get rid of cumulative exams! Just my two cents. That's all.

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