An Open Letter To Those Who Struggle With Anxiety
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An Open Letter To Those Who Struggle With Anxiety

You are not alone and you will be okay!

An Open Letter To Those Who Struggle With Anxiety

For years now I have had friends, family and other people say to me, “You have anxiety? You seem fine, you don’t have it.” Or “You’re just trying to get attention.” But really you have no idea what is going inside my head. Everyday I go to bed worrying. I wake up worrying about what people think about me and about what my teachers think about me. I worry that I’m not good enough for the people in my life. I worry that it’s not even worth being in this world. I worry about hurting my loved ones. I worry that I'm a failure. I push myself everyday to get up for that long, sad day. But I cover up my scared, sad face everyday to give the ones I love a happy day.

Anxiety is feeling like you are being judged everywhere you go.

Anxiety is the feeling of your heart beating out of your chest.

Anxiety is squeezing your arms as long and hard as you can to feel something other than fear.

Anxiety is living in constant fear or “what ifs.”

Anxiety is physical as well as mental.

Anxiety is exhausting.

Anxiety is tearful conversations to your mom.

Anxiety is getting better, then getting worse all over again. A constant cycle of one step forward, two steps back.

Anxiety is tossing and turning at night and worrying about what will happen the next day.

Anxiety is trying to be yourself, but not wanting to show the real you because you’re afraid people won’t like you.

Anxiety is losing friends and missing out.

Anxiety is trips to the emergency room.

Anxiety is a constant and a painful cycle.

Anxiety has the power to turn you into the person you swore you’d never become.

Anxiety is staying in your room for hours, staring at the ceiling.

Anxiety is shaking feet and sweaty hands accompanied by chest pain and an incredible amount of tears.

Anxiety is not a choice.

Anxiety is having no control over your own mind and body.

Anxiety is having to take medicine everyday with the hope of it making you feel human again.

Anxiety is living in slow motion while the rest of the world lives at a normal speed.

Anxiety is always worrying about your body.

Anxiety is the fear of not being able to control what you are doing.

Anxiety is the feeling that the world is ending if you make one little mistake.

Anxiety is powerful, but so are you. Whoever you are, no matter how much you’re struggling or how close you are to giving up— You can do this.

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