Thanks, Obama

Dear Barack Obama,

I was 10 years old when I first heard your name. It didn't mean a lot to me then; you were just another guy running for president.

Little did I know, you would be a huge part of the second half of my life, and change the lives of millions.

On June 3, 2008, just days before my 11th birthday, you gained enough delegates to be considered the Democratic Party nominee. I didn't really know how important and ground-breaking this news was.

In the next few months I started to hear more and more about you. My mom was a big supporter during this election. I still remember the olive colored t-shirt with your face on it that she wore with pride. At this point, I decided I would be a supporter as well! I didn't know why, I just knew my mom liked you, and that if you won, you would make history.

And you did.

Since your election, I've finished elementary school, completed middle school, graduated high school and started my college career. Meanwhile, you were constantly working to make sure that everyone has the same opportunities.

In those eight years, you did amazing things - but people chose to focus on the things they didn't agree with. Some of the people I'm closest to were among your biggest critics, but I kept faith in you, because I know life would be so different if you hadn't been president for the most influential years of my life.

You forever changed the world, and my life.

So, before you go, here are some things for which you deserve nothing but thanks:

Thank you for breaking barriers.

Thank you for giving the nation hope.

Thank you for never taking yourself too seriously, and always making me smile.

Thank you for respecting all religions.

Thank you for loving Michelle, and giving us the opportunity to do the same.

Thank you for growing the economy.

Thank you for your dad jokes.

Thank you for protecting the environment.

Thank you for giving us the greatest memes.

Thank you for working for and serving all people.

Thank you for being true to you.

Here's to you. You will be missed.

With admiration,

An appreciative supporter.

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