President elect Donald J. Trump, how did that happen America?

How did we allow a man who wants to make America white again, become our president? After his whole campaign was led on racism, sexism, and hate, all concentrated by one race towards all the minorities in America. From Muslims, to Mexicans, to African Americans, people woke up the next day scared for what reality is going to bring upon them in Trumpland.

You can say this is how racists felt in 2008, when Barack Obama won the election, but what is the excuse for when he won it 2012 so handily? It seemed then, that America was ready to live in post racial society, but we were wrong just like in this latest election.

Now Supreme Leader Donald Trump is going to have full authority in a system that was suppose to check and balance itself. The republicans control the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, and now the commander in chief of America. No one man should have all that power, especially this racist, orange faced, fake haired person.

I understand some people wanted to change from the America we live in now, but why? Is this the change that Americans wanted? Because if so, this just shows America's true colors. They are not pretty, but we should have known. African Americans being slain by white police officers in Ferguson Missouri, Dallas, and multiple other places across America, as well as people at his rallies supporting him no matter what came out of his mouth.

The media, who in all honesty should share part of the blame for this election, is now questioning its own life. Trump has already gone after journalists during his campaign, and now as president elect he has already tweeted at the media and how much he dislikes them. So yeah, libel laws are now in jeopardy but without the media Trump, you wouldn’t have gotten elected. Why did you have to be such an attention grabber for all the wrong reasons?

From grabbing women by the p***y, to saying Mexican are rapists, and wanting to frisk and search Muslims or anybody that seemed as a threat, to beating an African American girl at his own rally. What the heck America? America displayed its true colors and identity by voting for this president. Indeed, he is not my president and won’t be, for all I’m concerned my president is black.

Obama is half white, so even in a racist mind he is half right. This president elect is just a business tycoon who couldn’t own his own NFL team, and somehow finessed his way into the oval office.

This cause and effect is already being reflected in Congress. On Monday it is rumored that President Obama will green light the Dakota Access Pipeline. Which, in all honesty will probably get approved in Trump’s 100 days of residency at the White House. The Obama administration have declined the action, but if this is true it will kill his whole legacy. Unreal, the leader that unified the nation even if some didn’t want it, the guy that moved America forward for ourselves and for our uncles, aunts and cousins who are homosexual, the guy who improved the unemployment rate, the guy who got Osama Bin Laden, the guy that had the slogan of “yes we can” and can leave the White House with the slogan “yes we did.”

The optimism and integrity displayed by this man who ruled the nation of the free world is incredible. He will hand it over to a guy who questioned his birth certificate, and was supported by the KKK. Yeah, America we may have f***ed us over on this one.

We let a highly qualified Hilary Clinton take the massive L. She should have been the leader of the free world, encourage little girls everywhere, encourage immigrants that want a better life. But no, that’s not America in 2016, and if this year has taught you anything, it is that projections, percentages and 3-1 leads mean s**t.

In all honesty, part of me wished this election would end like a wrestling match. Both candidates weren’t that great, you have to follow Obama.

But if this was a wrestling match the ending would be Obama comes out, gives Clinton and Trump both Stone Cold Stunners, and declares himself president for four more years until we get candidates that are worthy to be the heir to the throne.