I Am Bossy, Or So They Say
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Politics and Activism

I Am Bossy, Or So They Say

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I Am Bossy, Or So They Say


I am strong-minded and sharp-sighted.

I am labeled bossy. Not confident. Not driven. Not level-headed like my male counterparts.

I am bossy.

I am a bitch because when I do not agree with your statement I outwardly say so. I react when your political beliefs appear to be a regurgitation of popular news websites. I show you how I know actions must be completed; aiding you in how to do them when your line of action sways.

I am bossy.

Unlike my male counterparts I am rooted against in my strive to lead. A woman who wants to pursue law? Leadership? Government? I have "my looks", why would I dare incur student debt. I have my looks. I would be a pretty lawyer. Disregard my ability to be well spoken and be able to move the courtroom. Who cares? I will be pretty and my male coworkers will be bright.

I am bossy - unafraid to interject my voice in conversation. In school I am swayed to consider a career such as a nurse or teacher. Both careers require whit, drive, and passion. Gender must be excluded from this formula.

I am bossy.

I am a go-getter. After receiving a competitive internship I was asked point-blank if my father helped me attain it - not congratulated for my feat, but questioned about my legitimacy. No, it was not gifted to me - I fought for it. I did not need a male hand to help me, but the intelligence and drive I inherited.


A feminist? You must hate men. You have a boyfriend? Do you wear the pants in the relationship? Are you #WithHer? My looks are commonly discussed, but rarely my talent. A court order had to be put in motion so you would stop calling us "Sweetie" or "Hun" on the floor. If I succeed I am an outlier. If he succeeds it is expected. We need change. A strong woman is not bossy or bitchy- she does not hate men. I am determined, quick, and independent. Our social strata is evolving with women attaining high levels of leadership on a sparing basis- I believe this shape shifting must continue.

I am not bossy, I am driven.

I do not care for your proclamation that I will be a "pretty lawyer" or that my "looks will carry my career". I am adamant in changing the world's thinking of women with fiery hearts and blossoming callings ahead of them. These women deserve praise, not questioning.

Dear Society,

Let's strike "bossy" and change it to "trail-blazer".


A Woman Determined to Change Our World

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