It is very common these days to come across someone who is stressed or overwhelmed. Our lives are constantly revolving around school, busy work schedules, and other responsibilities. Everyday is a repeated hustle and bustle. Life is exhausting, no matter what age you are. Life is a different type of exhaustion for someone who is a senior in high school versus someone who is a senior in college. The point is that everyone has their breaking point. It is so important, every so often, we steal a moment to ourselves.

When some people are told to take a few minutes to themselves, they respond with the typical "I'm too busy" or "I do not have the time" answer. The truth is you CAN make time for yourself. It is not a waste of time to insert a little alone time into a busy schedule. There are so many benefits to that amount of time you give to yourself. It can help with stress and depression. For myself personally, taking time for myself increases my happiness. I used to think I was crazy and selfish for wanting time for myself, but I have learned that it is in fact ok for me to want that. My mind feels rested, and I am able to relax not only my mind but my body in general.

Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my family, friends, and people in general. However, I value the importance of finding that special "me time" in my life. Self care is the most important care you can give yourself.

Spending time alone is a good thing for our well being. Find and embrace the zen in your life.