Alone Time is Key

Take time for yourself.

This one is so very important. I love being around people and being social, but lately (especially with people being gone from Statesboro) I've had time to spend alone. Now, for some people, this sounds sad, but it's so valuable. Last summer, I spent the whole time complaining that I had nothing to do and that it was so boring. God was giving me valuable time to spend in His word and really reflect on things and I just complained and threw it away. I've made it my mission that this summer will be different. For me, this means spending time in God's word when I seem to “not have time" at points during the school year and growing independently.

When we spend time alone we have time to think. There have been a few times when I've caught myself going all day without saying any words. Isn't that crazy? I'd just been thinking things and going about my day to myself. That's so strange for me because I am a bit of a talker, always love to start up conversations.

The one thing I've realized though is that if we don't know who we are apart from others then we will have nothing to contribute. If we base our identity solely on others and our relationships with them, then we have lost who we are completely. If we let other people define us, then we aren't us anymore. If that makes sense.

This goes for any type of relationship. A friendship, a relationship with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, or even within your family. We are our own individual people and we all have our own voice and part to play so we have to take the time to focus on that and pay attention to what makes us unique.

I think this summer is the best time for me to do this. Now, this might be easier for some than it is for others just given people's different family, friend and job situations. But I've started just taken time every morning to reflect on the day, what God wants from me during it, what I expect to be done, what I want to do and knowing what has to get done, all while reading my daily scripture and take time to “Be still." (Psalm 46:10)

Also, this is completely random and opposite of what this topic was about, but if you have a friend that you've just felt distant from lately or an old friendship that has fallen through, let them know that you still care about them and love them. I know they'll appreciate it more than you think. Life is simply too short to hold grudges and lose friendships, no matter what it is over.

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