My senior year of high school, everyone was obsessed with these cool new Bluetooth earbuds Apple introduced called AirPods. These weren't just any old Bluetooth earbuds, though, they were sleek and shiny. They add a flair of sophistication to your outfit and let everyone know you have a lot of money.

Yeah, AirPods are not cheap. They run around $159. Yes, that's right: two tiny pieces of plastic and a plastic charging case are apparently worth $159. If you have AirPods, don't be offended. I have been using them since they came out.

Over the years, though, they have become less and less useful to me. I love walking around campus while listening to music. When you're wearing AirPods, though, and there are a million people outside of the student union trying to get you to join whatever club or donate to whatever charity, it's kind of awkward.

When you are wearing these special earbuds, people can't really see them because they get hidden behind your hair and are so small. So, when you walk past someone while listening to music, people think you are just blatantly ignoring them. Regular earbuds are pretty visible, so people know not to mess with you.

The thing about Bluetooth earbuds, too, is that you have to charge them. My AirPods don't even last two days without me having to charge them again. It really sucks when you are getting ready to walk to class and jam out to some tunes, but you can't because your AirPods are dead. They don't take that long to actually charge, it's just a hassle to keep track of how much battery they have left in them.

Finally, the size of the actual AirPods is terrible. Of course, when you're wearing earbuds, you don't want some humongous pieces of plastic stuck in your ears. At the same time, though, you pay so much money for the teeniest, tiniest pieces of plastic that go in an equally teeny, tiny charging case and you're expected to not lose any of the parts. And sometimes they fall out of your ears, which scares the crap out of you because when they fall, they roll around and could fall into a vent or drain or something.

Overall, I've become less and less satisfied with my AirPods purchase, but I still use them anyway. Take that as you will, but if you are considering buying a pair, you should really take these factors into account.