Apple AirPods Are The Best Purchase I’ve Made In A Long Time

Apple AirPods Are The Best Purchase I’ve Made In A Long Time

Unpopular opinion: Apple AirPods are better than Apple EarPods, here's why.


Apple considers AirPods the "future of headphones," and I honestly couldn't agree more.

Despite hopping late on the bandwagon, I recently treated myself and bought a new pair of Apple's AirPods. Though it has only been a little less than a month since I've owned my AirPods, I'd consider myself in love. I'm constantly flaunting my AirPods off while also applauding Apple for how well of a job they've done (for once).

Let's start with the looks. First impressions are…everything. However, to your dismay, I actually didn't see the AirPods first, I saw the charger…and it's unlike any other charger I've yet to see. Essentially, its a capsule for AirPods, and is all around seamless: light in weight, durable, AirPod magnetizable, etc. My first impression on the AirPods themselves was that AirPods and EarPods look…identical, disregarding the obvious fact of AirPods being cordless. I still haven't found any major differences in appearance and I don't really think I ever will. People like familiarity, so it's not a surprise that Apple designed air-pods very similarly to EarPods.

Eventually, I couldn't look at them much longer before wanting to witness my AirPods for myself. It took nearly no time to connect them to my phone and invalidating that, I also tried my laptop. Ultimately, AirPods are very flexible to connect by Bluetooth to any device. Not to mention, a fancy sound is made to ensure activation. Speaking (or should I say listening, haha) of sounds on air-pods, the audio AirPods display is impressively smooth, enhanced, and clear. I personally believe AirPods provide better sound than EarPods (by far).

A common fear-based specifically around Apple's AirPods is that the headphones are too small and therefore, relatively easy to lose. I too, had this fear as it's a valid debate when deciding to invest in AirPods ($159 from Apple). On behalf of my experience, I can confidently say that I have never lost my AirPods nor have either fell out of my ears (unless I felt them falling out, which I then had the reaction time to catch). Although, when AirPods do accidentally fall out of the ear, music being played is automatically paused until the air-pods detect themselves back in both ears (today's technology is wild!). Nonetheless, Apple's AirPods are form-fitting and comfortable, I usually forget I have them in my ears (that's a good thing, trust me).

If you couldn't tell, I'm more than happy with my purchase on Apple's AirPods. This is Alyssa Gormley, and I 12/10 recommended Apple's Air-pods -- thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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