Disney Has Totally Up'd There Game After D23 And I Am So Proud
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Disney Has Totally Up'd There Game After D23 And I Am So Proud

D23. The Comic-Con for every Disney freak on the planet to come out dress up, get freebies, and see what is up-and-coming for the company. This year many exciting things were announced that has cast members, Disney geeks, Marvel lovers, Star Wars fans, and Jedi's alike all in anticipation for an exciting change in what's to come.

Disney Has Totally Up'd There Game After D23 And I Am So Proud

Here is a list of everything, good and bad that is happening within the company post D23:

Disney+ (May Actually Be Awesome)

So unless you live under a rock you must know that Disney announced in November of 2018 its intent to roll out the Disney+ streaming service that would be competing with Netflix, Hulu, HBOGo and more. Now many, including myself, were a bit nervous about yet another streaming service adding to an already large bill. However, at D23, it was announced that "The service will cost subscribers $6.99 per month, or $69.99 per year, which is at the high end of what many analysts had expected. For attendees at D23, Disney is offering $23 off per year for three years," the price point is currently one of the lowest costing streaming service. With some of the most nostalgic inducing options from old classic or "golden age of Disney" shows, movies, and shorts will all be available with the added bonus of new shows based from the classics. Unscripted shows are another big part of Disney+'s original content one even starring Kristen Bell as it's host will be among the few.

Marvel Universe (More Like Can't Wait 3000)

We all wish they would have released some new trailers but alas we will have to wait. Good news though Endgame will be up just in time for Christmas. Then other new material will hopefully keep MCU fans sated while Disney figures out the whole Spiderman stuff and finishes production on Blank Panther 2, . These include an animated series called "What If."

"It will explore hypothetical questions like: what would have happened if Peggy Carter had been given the super serum instead of Steve Rogers?" Sounds pretty interesting right?

Slide for more.

Feige also announced three new shows: "Ms. Marvel," "Moon Knight" and "She Hulk."

(Pew Pew) Star Wars (Pew Pew)


Star Wars

Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy was present at the Star Wars panel on Friday and stated, the new season of "Star Wars: Clones Wars" would debut in February 2020. Kennedy also introduced Alan Tudyk and Diego Luna, who will reprise their roles as K2-SO and Cassian Andor from "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," in an untitled prequel.

However exciting both of those are there are two announcements that have had everyone talking is the previously announced "The Mandalorian" debuting on Disney+ launch day. (November 18th). At the end of the panel, Ewan McGregor appeared on stage stating much to everyone's excitement that he will be reprising his iconic role as Obi-Wan Kenobi for Disney+.

Later the newest trailer/look behind the scenes for "Rise of Skywalker" also dropped. Making it a very happy D23.

UPcoming Films! (Much Excite!)


In addition to original television series, Disney plus will have original movies! Heres to hoping they'll have the "let's watch a Disney channel movie" intro before they begin and if the cheapest version has commercials it'll have the kids jumping prior to the beginning the show again. The two slated are a live-action "Lady and the Tramp," starring Emma Stone as Cruella Di Ville. She looks amazing! I'm a little scared to let her near my puppies now though. Then a really cute "hallmark-esqe" style comedy starring Anna Kendrick will premiere for Christmas.

Epcot Complete Reimaginneering (Dreams Come True)

Epcot will be receiving totally new lands and attractions and new appearances to old structures. This very exciting time will sure to create some amazing additions to a...land in need of a few upgrades. The slated all-new attractions announced are themed after Moana and Mary Poppins. Also announced was the complete overhaul of Future World making way for THREE new lands! Yes, Three New Lands! It's a very exciting time for this amount of change to be taking places at the Walt Disney World Resort especially with the fiftieth anniversary coming up.

Marvel Land Gets Official Title! (Or Shall I Say Campus)


Avengers Campus is the official name of the to be coming phase I 2020 land. For those unaware Bugs Land was leveled a year ago and steadily Disney has been constructing the land which will include a Microbrewery, now announced e-ticket attraction, and Spiderman ride. With the recent Spidey events we sense some tensions tingling with that part of the plan though.

New Magical Shows In Disneyland AND Disneyworld


There is two new shows announced. The Newest Walt DisneyWorld Nighttime Spectacular is said to be unlike anything Disney has ever put on before. If it is anything like Happily Ever After it is sure to be amazing and need we say it? Emotional.

Then Disneyland has an up-and-coming parade that in my opinion is sure to be their best one yet. Soundsational was great and had a wonderfully long....too long run. Then the Main Street Electrical Parade is one from most peoples childhood and watching it is a great sense of nostalgia. Not to mention it serves as a way to have fewer parade performers than Soundsational but still have a great show and two time periods spread out and later in the day prior to fireworks. It is a wonderful parade by seeing the sketches for the Moana, Coco, and more themed floats I can't help but get excited and jittery in anticipation.

What are you most excited about? Was there anything you read about that didn't get on the list? Hopefully something about my dream of a reimagineeTomorrowlandorowland in the style of Meet The Robinsons.

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