Advice For When Your Little Brother Starts Dating
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Ladies, When Your Little Brother Starts Dating Honestly, Give Him These 26 Honest Pieces Of Advice

Honestly, I never thought I'd be giving him this advice, but here I am.

Ladies, When Your Little Brother Starts Dating Honestly, Give Him These 26 Honest Pieces Of Advice
Braelyn Leggett

Did you ever think you would give dating advice to your sibling(s)? I know I didn't think that day would ever come. My little brother and I used to fight like cats and dogs constantly, but now he's more like a friend. I think growing up and myself going to college has helped us grow closer in a way.

With that has come more serious talks, especially ones on dating which I never in a million years thought I would have with him.

1. If your family doesn't like them, there's probably a good reason even if you don't see it. This can also apply to best friends but not the jerk friends that just want you single.

2. Always be honest. The truth can hurt sometimes, but lying will catch up to you, form trust issues, and ruin your relationship.

3. Don't bring past baggage into the relationship. Even just talking about things you did together, why you broke up, or why you act a certain way. It will not aid your new relationship. Leave it in the past. That person isn't in your life now for a reason.

4. Do not be mean. No name calling or cursing or getting angry. If you're not upset after walking away for 11 minutes or if it won't matter in three days, then don't say anything at all.

5. Don't be jealous or controlling or overprotective. Allow each other to have a life outside your relationship with your friends (both girl and guy friends), family, sports, school, etc.

6. Bring out the best in one another.

7. Communicate. Communicate and talk always. Never assume or accuse.

8. Support and encourage each other even if it means spending time apart. (Don't follow someone to college, etc.)

9. Be yourself. You shouldn't have to change how you look, act, etc. to be with someone.

10. Do not become mentally or physically abusive. Do not let someone be abusive to you in any way whether controlling or hitting.

11. Do not become a partier and drink and do drugs for this person or for them to stay with you.

12. Do not pressure her to do anything she isn't comfortable with. Take your time. There's no rush.

13. Bring her around your family and friends sometimes to feel included and accepted, but do not stop hanging out with your friends and family alone. They will always be there for you.

14. Do not isolate her from her friends and family. Allow her to spend time without you too.

15. Say how you feel. Don't hide or lie your feelings thinking they may not feel the same, or it could upset them. You're young.

16. Be on time, and she should be too.

17. Make an effort with her family and friends and respect their choices.

18. Use your manners. Don't talk badly about her family or friends, but don't necessarily take her side. Stay neutral. Be there for her, but her problems are hers, not yours.

19. Keep your relationship classy and private. Social media doesn't need a blast and not everyone has to know everything. Minimal details to everyone but you two.

20. Do not break the bank. Help each other out. Do things that cost nothing. You don't need to spend every hard earned dollar on each other. Save now.

21. If you didn't like how a guy treated me, don't be him.

22. Don't compare each other to y'alls' exes.

23. Your relationship is not a competition. Compromise, don't compete.

24. Try to talk not argue when having disagreements. Never yell or raise your voice. Think from each other's perspectives.

25. Don't be hypocritical. Reason, but be fair in what you do. If you wouldn't want them to do it, why would you?

26. Talk to me. I'm always here even if you don't like it.

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