With "The Hills: New Beginnings" set to kick-off soon, we can't help but notice a special member absent of this reunion.

Lauren Conrad. Our LC.

Now, while we might miss her a lot, we will not forget her. And what better way to remember her than by some of her wisdom she left us with during her time in "The Hills."

"I rather have a few good friends than a lot of fake ones."

This one should be a given and obvious one that we should all know, but it is also one that we need to be constantly reminded. No one knows true friendships and betrayals more than Lauren. This is especially true when we're in a new setting and we are just trying our best to be friends with everyone.

"Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach. I know you don't want to call that your boyfriend."

As an O.G. from "Laguna," Lauren knows the beach the best and no matter how great a guy is, he shouldn't be showing up to the beach in combat boots. If he does, then he is definitely not your guy.

*Hint: According to "The Hills: New Beginnings," we should be expecting to see a lot of the "homeboy" who wore combat boots to the beach. The guy who is so cool he has two names, Justin Bobby.

"You gotta believe that there's people that just really want the best for you."

You can feel like nothing is going right and that you can't trust anyone, but one must never forget that there is at least one person out there that is truly rooting for you and waiting for you to succeed. Even when you want to give up and are looking for one reason to not, just think about those people that are genuinely rooting for you and are wishing to see you succeed.

"If you do a really bad thing, or if you do a really shady thing, be like 'I was shady.' Like, just 'fess up to it. That's it."

Everyone is grown up and everyone should be willing to fess up to everything, even if it's hard to do. No one is perfect and everyone knows that. It's better to own up to it than try to convince yourself that you are perfect because you're definitely not going to be convincing anyone else.

"I have too many good people in my life to try to have bad ones, too."

We do NOT have time for negative people in our lives. Sometimes we focus too much on the negative people in our lives that we forget about the good people we are surrounded with.

Let's see what advice we get from everyone else during "The Hills: New Beginnings."