Advanced Physical Conditioning Is More Than Just Body Building
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Advanced Physical Conditioning Is More Than Just Body Building

APC works in improving strength, speed/ agility and preventing injuries.

Advanced Physical Conditioning Is More Than Just Body Building
Scott Robertson

Advanced Physical Conditioning is one of the many classes available to take at Whiteland Community High School. APC works in improving strength, speed/ agility and preventing injuries.

WCHS Sophomore Megan Harlow described how APC has shown her discipline and has made her stronger as a person while improving her physical and mental strength.

“APC shows us discipline by showing us that if you push ourselves off the court it will pay off on the court. This has also given me my ‘one more’ attitude, you tell yourself one more rep and I can get one more rebound, one more rep,” Harlow said. “APC also makes you stronger as a person because while you are telling yourself ‘one more,” it's making you mentally strong which helps you fight through the pain and all the mental things you go through every day.”

Harlow described how APC is different than regular gym classes as students push themselves to be better and to achieve their goals.

“APC is different from regular gym class because in gym you are playing games or just doing cardio workouts and not trying to achieve something. In APC we are working toward championships and winning games,” Harlow said. “The intensity is also higher in APC than it is a regular gym class. You always see someone pushing themselves to be better unlike in regular gym class.”

WCHS APC teacher Brandon Bangel explained what APC means and how it helps students.

“APC is a class geared around helping students become stronger/better athletes to help improve sports performance,” Bangel said.

WCHS Senior Noah Adkins described why he would recommend APC to other athletes and students.

“I highly recommend APC to other students because it gives you a chance to become a better athlete but to also build a bigger and reliable work ethic that everyone needs to become successful in life,” Adkins said.

Bangel explained why he thought most students take APC as the class has increased over the years.

“I believe that most students take APC because they realize in today's athletic world, lifting weights is a necessity to be successful,” Bangel said. “High school athletes are bigger, stronger, and faster than they have ever been and that is, in large part, due to the strength training they are involved in at younger ages.”

APC can help many people who are working to better themselves whether mentally or physically, and not just athletes or students can benefit from it.

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