The other day, I was just sitting in my room watching Netflix when I realized that the slang us college and high school kids use today doesn't make much sense to anyone outside of our generational bubble. It's not a bad thing — every decade has had its own slang. If you really think about it, it's so interesting how a group of people can morph words into new meanings and have it make sense to all of us, right off the bat. In the spirit of my new realization, I decided to ask my aunt what she thought of these 16 slang words I use in my everyday life.

1. Receipts

have the receipts

Real definition: proof, evidence

My aunt: "If you say 'I have the receipts,' it means you've got the stuff."

LOL, this is not a drug deal, just somebody about to get what's coming to them.

2. Mood

mood af

Real definition: how you're feeling

My aunt: "Mood? It's a question, like, 'what's wrong with you?'"

This is actually smart. When someone's hitting you with attitude, all you gotta say is "mood?"

3. Sus

suspicious futurama

Real definition: short for suspicious or suspect

My aunt: "A group, it's short for 'it's us' - sus."

That's the most clever contraction I've ever seen, but sadly, it's not that creative.

4. Thirsty

thirsty hamster

Real definition: horny, basically

My aunt: "I need a drink."

Explaining the real definition to her afterward was uncomfortable, to say the least.

5. High-key/low-key

huge deal

Real definition: high-key is a known thing while low-key is secretive

My aunt: "High-key is cool, and low-key is lame."

I guess these slang words are pretty low-key.

6. Yeet

throwing phone

Real definition: yeet can mean any number of things - it can express excitement or be used as a phrase of approval

My aunt: "Is it an affirmation?"

I don't care how old you are, if you've never heard someone say "yeet," there's a good chance you're deaf.

7. Thirst trap

mad max

Real definition: a sexy post/picture intended to gain attention, often from a specific person

My aunt: "Ooh based on what thirsty meant I'm gonna guess that it's a hot guy, a hunk."

Another awkward explanation.

8. Thicc

the simpsons

Real definition: curvy, full-bodied, often used humorously

My aunt: "She's got some meat on her!"

Everybody knows the word thicc! It's just universal knowledge, no matter how many c's you add.

9. Gucci

gucci mane

Real definition: good, cool, fine, etc.

My aunt: "I know this one! It's swag, awesome. I'm Gucci."

Her son helped her out with this one. Apparently, Gucci is a major part of his vocabulary.

10. Tea

kermit sipping tea

Real definition: gossip

My aunt: "Is it the truth?"

She was basically right with this one, but she'll never understand the rush of excitement you get when your best friend turns to you and says she's ready to spill the tea.

11. Snatched

rupaul's drag race

Real definition: looks good, on point

My aunt: "Taken? Oh! It means hot! It means I look Gucci."

To be honest, I'm not sure how she guessed this one, but I was very impressed.

12. Clock

punch in the face

Real definition: to clock is to hit someone

My aunt: "Another question. Clock? What time is it?"

She's really got a good idea going with these one-word questions.

13. Oof


Real definition: expressing discomfort, apathy, or literally anything. Similar to yeet, it is a response for when you have nothing to say.

My aunt: "When you fall, you say oof."

I probably said oof about 27 times during this interview.

14. Put on blast

put me on blast

Real definition: embarrass someone, usually on social media

My aunt: "When you put someone on blast, you put them on speakerphone."

Good try, good try.

15. Don't @ me

full house

Real definition: don't come at me - usually follows an unpopular opinion

My aunt: "Don't look at me! Don't talk to me!"

Oh, if that's what it meant, I would say it a whole lot more.

16. Canceled


Real definition: if something is canceled, it's irrelevant, we don't like it anymore

My aunt: "Duh, it's not gonna happen, it's canceled."

I hope she's not too embarrassed and decides that I'm #canceled.