How To Ace A Resignation Letter
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How To Ace A Resignation Letter

This is not your opportunity to rant about how much you hate your job!

How To Ace A Resignation Letter

As a business major, I've worked through a lot of projects, organizations, and part-time jobs. However, with good jobs come that bad jobs that force you to quit. That is where a good resignation letter comes in!

Start your resignation letter off stating your intent. Say you are quitting and don't beat around the bush! But don't be rude about it either!

Transition into your reasons why; don't make this a rant letter. Try to remain as positive as possible while speaking on terms with the company so you do not burn any professional bridges.

Maybe find a way to appease them while leaving. State this is your two weeks notice but you'll still be working for those two weeks!Don't quit out of the blue because it makes it more inconvenient for them!

End formally and try to add a signature to it! It adds a flair of personalization. If you're quitting a specific position, I wouldn't sign under that position.

Consider your audience when writing a resignation letter. You don't want to sound like an agnry brat but you should be assertive and state that you are leaving and this is happening.

If you need any help writing a resignation essay, I would contact your university writing center! Best of luck in quitting bad jobs!

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