Recently, I was talking to this guy for about three months. Things didn't end well because he was miserable and he was dragging me along with his misery to make me feel miserable too. Wooo! Too much misery in one sentence. Sorry. My point is, when someone is toxic and you can't even make one move towards progression, chances are that person has GOT TO GO before they make more damage. Luckily we parted ways before it got deeper. I took a taste at the misery and it was pretty awful. Here are some things miserable people do:

1. Constantly lie to and betray you.

At first, they will tell you everything you wanna hear. They make you feel good for a while, and they know how to do that because these people enjoy making people feel hurt. So when things start to get more in depth you find out, they aren't who you thought they were. They were constantly feeding you a bunch of bullshit to make you stick around.

2. Dislike themselves, but are cocky when they're with others.

Internally they are unhappy with themselves. You can just feel that vibe when something is wrong, and chances are it is! These people feel so empty inside, but as soon as they are around others they become "Miss Universe" all over a sudden and everything is about them. Umm no, honey. You may take several seats now.

3. Are quick to judge others, but get extremely sensitive when you point out something of theirs.

If you can't take a joke, don't make any to others. Some concept applies that if you judge someone based on abilities, personality, looks, etc. You cannot get mad when someone does it to you. Golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. Remember that from Pre-K? Ahhh, the good old days.

4. Don't show genuine excitement or emotions at all when something good happens to you.

I remember a couple summers ago, I had this friend who I was really close to. I told him I passed my permit test and he blatantly said " I hope you fail it" and then started laughing. I felt awful because it was supposed to be an exciting day for me, and instead he said something says cruel like that. (Still passed, though!)

5. Never apologize when they are wrong.

Saying the words "sorry" is apparently feel really hard. Miserable people, don't have accountability for their actions and will do whatever they please, whenever they please.

6. Find an excuse to avoid their problems through the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol.

Drugs and alcohol are their escape. Seeing someone constantly drink their problems away truly impacted me. How can you be so selfish? We all have problems. WE ALL HAVE PROBLEMS! Yet, some of you don't constantly indulge in these things to escape harsh realities. It only creates matter worse because now that person has a drinking problem or a drug problem, and that is absolutely sad. Seeing someone you care about doing this sucks.

7. Only care about them. Nothing else matters (unfortunately).

I actually thought this guy cared about me, but when he showed his true colors that all became a wishful thought. The worse part is that I believed him. People who are miserable don't care about people. How can they?

8. They pretty much don't see the beauty any many things.

They live in such a dark place (metaphorically speaking), that even being happy scares them. Looking at true beauty just isn't for them and I don't know why. I wish I did.

9. Will say and do anything to make you stick around.

That is what they do. They want you to stay but don't fight for you when you wanna leave.