9 Things Every Marching Band Nerd Knows

When you join marching band, in the beginning, it sort of feels like a cult. But once you learn all of the lingo, marching, and how to read drill, you'll never want to leave. Joining marching band is the best decision you'll ever make, especially when you're not athletic enough to play a sport.

1. When you’re competing with your best friend for a leadership position, they become your nemesis in the best way possible.

Competing with your best friend is hard, but you know you'll be happy for them if they get it too instead of you...
...Even though you REALLY want that position.

But you both know that a little leadership position is insignificant
compared to a life-long friendship.

2. 98° late August band camp heat + the scarce water breaks = people passing out from dehydration. But Band Camp still rocks.

Because you get to break out your instrument again and see all of your favorite people!

3. If you're on time, you're late.

Because you know that if you're late, the whole band will look at you like this.

4. Every minute of free time that you have is spent in the band room.

So that you can make friends like this.

5. If one person fails (or falls), you go down with them... sometimes literally.

We’ve all experienced a fall on the field. But, as they say, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

And your friends will never, ever let you forget it.

6. Getting a solo in the show is the coolest thing ever.

7. Memorizing a show during band camp can make you feel like giving up.

But later it all becomes worth it. Especially when your show has a lot of backwards marching...

...And then your legs look like this.

8. Performing is such a rush.

Especially when everyone performs at their best...

...And you win trophies. Awwww yeah.

Plus, you get to see your band director look like this when your band's name gets called.

9. You wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Because you meet the best people you'll ever know, create wonderful experiences, and make the best memories. You meet your family.

Plus, you get a free ticket to every football game! What better way to show school spirit than that?

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