9 Reasons Why Daria Is A Relatable Character
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9 Reasons Why Daria Is A Relatable Character

We have a lot more in common with Daria Morgendorffer than we may have thought.

9 Reasons Why Daria Is A Relatable Character

The animated series Daria first aired on MTV in 1997 and lasted for five seasons until 2002. The series was centered around the life of a sarcastic, smart, and somewhat antisocial girl named Daria Morgendorffer as she navigated through life as a high school student at Lawndale High School.

The series was edgy, and featured a subculture that often wasn't explored on television. Daria was definitely a relatable character and a great show. Here are some reasons why:

1. She hated high school just as much as the rest of us

Ah, high school. Such a confusing and awkward time for many of us. Although it had its high points I think that most of us are glad that stage is over with.

2. She understood how exhausting life could be

As college students, we understand the importance and greatness of naps and sleep in general. Daria totally got that.

3. She knew the importance of friendship

Daria's adventures wouldn't be the same without her best friend, Jane Lane. Jane and Daria are definitely one of the best dynamic duos of all time.

4. She was the queen of sarcasm

Sometimes the only good response is a sarcastic one and Daria was amazing at that.

5. She was not fond of corny pick-up lines

Who responds well to these?

6. She was okay with not fitting in

Most of us know how it feels when you don't really fit in. Daria didn't mind not fitting in and she stayed true to herself no matter what.

7. She appreciated relationships

Although her relationship with Tom had a weird start, throughout the series you can see their relationship blossom. The two were practically polar opposites but they came together to make something great.

8. She was realistic and practical

She saw the flaws in society's standards and was realistic enough to defy them. She marched to the beat of her own drum.

9. Sometimes she just didn't want to be bothered

We all know what it feels like when you just want to be left alone but can't seem to find any alone time.

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