9 Best Ways To Stay Productive This Semester

With winter break drawing to a close, returning to school to complete next semester can seem like a daunting task if you are as disorganized as I am. But, staying organized is not as impossible as many think it is.

1. Get motivated!

Nothing is going to change if you have no motivation to change. Create a to-do list and tack it up somewhere you can see it. Remind yourself why you need to stay organized. Stay positive! You can do it!

2. Get a planner

Start planning ahead and save yourself stress by not letting deadlines surprise you. This can also eliminate procrastination.

3. Create a schedule

Productivity increases when a set schedule is established so you don't have to improvise plans.

4. Stick to your plans

It's easy to make plans, it's harder to follow through with them. Make sure you can carry out what you set out to do, otherwise it can be demotivating.

5. Keep your workspace neat

Keeping your area clutter-free goes a long way in increasing productivity and it's a good habit to have.

6. Use Sticky Notes!

Sticky notes! They're a bright, colorful, and fun way to organize yourself.

7. Establish A Clutter Zone.

You can't expect all of the clutter in your life to magically disappear, even if you are extremely organized. Establishing a space for the clutter is a good way to accept that you can't eradicate clutter completely.

8. Have A System For Taking Notes.

Stick to a system for taking notes, it makes reviewing much easier.

9. Time Yourself.

It increases focus and productivity when you have a time constraint.

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