13 Songs To Keep You Motivated While Running

13 Songs To Keep You Motivated While Running

Running is a whole lot easier when you're having fun.


Recently I have started training for my first running race - a half marathon. I've done my research, looked at different training guides, tried to get all the information I need for success. And all of this is very important. But what I've found is that to really do well on your runs, you need a great playlist. So without further ado, I present to you some of the best songs to keep you motivated during your runs.

1. "Dirty Little Secrets"

This is a perfect pump up song. Plus who doesn't love a good throwback.

2. "Born To Run"

What better way to motivate yourself to run than with Bruce Springsteen encouraging you to run? The answer is there isn't one.

3. "Lose Yourself"

Probably one of the best running songs out there. This is perfect to keep you going whether to warm you up and push you when you're starting to feel tired.

4. "Seven Army Nation"

There's something about this song that just makes you feel tough. Or maybe that's just me? Either way, add this one to your playlist.

5. "Shut Up And Dance"

Running is a lot easier when you have some fun and this is definitely a fun one.

6. "Livin' On A Prayer"

Truly a classic. When you're feeling tired and not sure how much more you can do, blast the Bon Jovi and you can do it.

7. "Wings"

Not only is this beat perfect for running, but it will make you feel like you can do anything. The girls of Little Mix are some girl bosses, and with this one, you'll feel like one too.

8. "Thnks fr th Mmrs"

If this wasn't your jam in middle school, what were you doing? I personally love this song. It never fails to get me pumped up.

9. "The Phoenix"

Another Fall Out Boy jam on here. This one may not be as well-known as some of their others, but this one is perfect for running. It's tough and edgy. When this one comes on, it just makes me want to run faster.

10. "Marry The Night"

Almost any Lady Gaga song is a great addition to your running playlist, but I love this one particularly for working out. There's just something about this song that perfectly goes with running.

11. "Hey Ya"

How could you not have this one on your playlist? There's nothing left to say.

12. "Eye Of The Tiger"

Arguably the most classic workout song ever. If this could motivate Rocky to run up those steps and dramatically throw is fists in the air, then it can motivate you to run that extra mile.

13. "You Make My Dreams"

I personally love some throwbacks to my playlist, if you couldn't tell already. Like with most songs on this list, it's simply fun and will keep your spirits high even when your energy is low.

The biggest thing to help you keep going when running is having fun. And the best way to do that is with the music you listen to. Pick your favorites, have a variety and, of course, have fun.

So enjoy and happy running!

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From The Girl Who's In Shape But Not Perfect

Embrace the treadmill. But also embrace pizza.

So, here's the thing:

I'm a girl who is in shape, but hey, I'm still human. Let me explain...

I can run a 5K.

But I still get completely winded going up the stairs.

I go to the gym most days of the week.

But, I have a lot of days where I just don't move from my bed.

I try to eat healthy as often as I can.

But sometimes, a whole pizza with everything on it is the only thing that hits the spot.

I have muscles that I'm proud to show off.

But I also have rolls when I sit, which I am also proud to show off.

I'm also proud to admit that:

Chocolate is still my stress reliever.

Some days I can't get myself to go to the gym.

Sometimes I eat a bag of Doritos after my workout.

I have days where any remote form of physical activity sounds like hell.

Food is my best friend.

So yes, I'm in shape. But I'm absolutely not the "perfect" in-shape girl.

I'm proud of my body and everything that it can do, and I treat it in the best way that I can. I stay in shape, I run, I exercise, and I eat things that are good for me. However, I'm also a girl who loves herself a burger and fries, who spends a whole day in bed, who has fat on her body and lives a normal life. I have school, work, homework, a social life - my health is absolutely one of my top priorities, but I'm not worrying about how I didn't go to the gym this day or how I ate four cookies that day. As long as I can look at myself and know that I'm treating my body well and I'm happy with myself, I'm good with it.

Your health should be important to you, but your emotional and mental well-being should be important, too. And sometimes, instead of the usual day in the gym, a day in bed is what you need.

Embrace your rolls. Embrace your muscles. Embrace that pizza. Embrace a fruit salad. Embrace your bed. Embrace the treadmill.

You're all good, girl.

Cover Image Credit: Marion Michele

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The Relaxing Physical Activity For The Person Who Loves Competition

How rock climbing changed my view on what it means to challenge yourself.


I recently went rock climbing with my friends and walked away excited, proud, and craving more. In high school, I participated in competitive activities like tennis or tryouts to make the band. While I love these activities and don't see them leaving my life anytime soon, rock climbing changed my perspective on what accomplishment can feel like.

In sports, especially when competing in tournaments or for a spot, the fun of the game can be overshadowed by not-too-friendly competitors. It makes sense because everyone is fighting to win and prove that they deserve to be on the team. However, the relationship between everyone becomes more invested in maintaining a position than having fun and creating a family. Don't get me wrong, I love this highly-competitive arena, but rock climbing was the first time I had done something where I did not feel the need to compete with those around me.

One of my best friends coaxed me into going to a place about an hour away from my home. I was nervous to climb in front of others since it was my first time in years, however, my friend assured me it would be fine. It turns out she was 100% correct! We went with two other girls who were both very experienced and belayed us up and down walls. They were extremely supportive, and my best friend and I found ourselves attempting to defeat walls we never would have dreamed of climbing alone.

Climbing can definitely be competitive, but when surrounded by the right people, it gives you a chance to grow. It taught me that my biggest competition is with myself. My nervousness to embarrass myself in front of others was holding me back. When I truly started feeling comfortable, the main competitor was the wall. I found myself feeling like I was on a team that did not need to compete with each other but wanted everyone to succeed at their own rates. It was a great experience to feel fully supported and encouraged without the side order of having to constantly maintain rank.

I would recommend rock climbing to any overly competitive person like myself! It helps you challenge your own boundaries instead of other's and will help you to reflect on what it means to challenge yourself, mind and body, and how you work to overcome obstacles.

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