8 Things You Look Forward To In The Fall Season
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8 Things You Look Forward To In The Fall Season

There are so many events to look forward to. Take a look!

8 Things You Look Forward To In The Fall Season

It's that time of year again, folks. Autumn is here and it's the season during which the weather cools down from the hot summer and stays nice before the cold and brutal winter approaches. School starts back up again, and it's time to hit the library and cram for exams. However, on the bright side, fall has some fun events and activities that can relieve some of your stress.

1. Scarywood

If you haven't been to Scarywood, then you're in for a real treat. This fun-filled event happens every weekend in the month of October. Scarywood is full of haunted roller-coaster rides and attractions, complete with roaming zombies and monsters.

2. Perfect Weather

The fall season has perfect temperatures for hiking and exploring, checking out your local farmers market, and going on a run without feeling like you're overheating. It's also the best time for bundling up and adding on layers. You know what that means, ladies: it's time to bring out the countless pairs of leggings we've been dying to wear. The best part? Shorter showers because you don't have to worry about shaving your legs. For the men: scruffy beards and man buns are the way to go.

3. Pumpkin-flavored everything

It's Starbucks' favorite time of the year; a time when we all go crazy for pumpkin spice lattes and Chai teas. You know fall is here when you walk into any supermarket and find a pumpkin spice section filled with candles, cookies, and chocolates; you name it, they got it.

4. Fall TV Shows

Yes, that's right, popular television series like "Dancing with the Stars," "Empire," "How to Get Away with Murder," "Scandal," and "American Horror Story" are coming back.

5. Football Season

For all you sports fanatics, the NFL and NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision are starting up once again, so it's time to whip out your Fantasy football leagues and Seahawks gear.

6. Halloween

Pumpkin carving, costume shopping, home decorating—all the signs Halloween are approaching. It's the only day that dressing out of the norm is accepted, so enjoy it while it lasts.

7. Colorful atmosphere

Walking through the city of Pullman, Washington, during the fall is a sight to see. All the warm yellows and oranges and greens could make anyone's day better.

8. Pumpkin Patches

At any age, going to the pumpkin patch is a must on your to-do list. Searching long for that special pumpkin out of the batch to take home is the icing to the cake for Halloween.

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