8 Things I learned From the Republican National Convention
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8 Things I learned From the Republican National Convention

Let the roasting commence!

8 Things I learned From the Republican National Convention

Well as many of us know last week was the republican national roast fest, I mean convention. As I lay in bed and reflect on my first republican national convention that I've watched, and actually paid attention to ( because unlike four years ago I truly do care, and I can vote now). I actually took away a lot from this convention, as any new voter, so here is 8 things I learned from the Republican National Convention.

1. Hilary was Roasted.

For those who do not know to be roasted is to be mocked or humiliated, and that is what happed to Hilary. The first to come to mind with was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who blasted Clinton on Day 2 of the republican national convention. Christie used his speech to expose Clintons flaws and her flawed judgments. He explained the situations she's went through, put people through, and put this country through: from the Benghazi Attack, to the missing Nigerian school girls ( who are still to this day missing), to her dangerous lack of judgment regarding nuclear weapons. Christie even took a dig at her email scandal saying (regarding giving Russia kremlin a reset button)," Reset button? You know what that button should've read? Delete. You know she's very at that by the way." the crowd erupted with "ohhs", and "lock her up", and "guilty" throughout the speech. Christie ended his roast upon Clinton with " she cares more about her secret, than she cared about keeping America's secrets." I have to say Christie made a very good argument against Clinton, and a very good roast upon her ( even I felt the burn).Chris Christie Roasting Hilary at the RNC (here's Christies RNC speech).

2. Trump's Kids are very poised and very well spoken.

I didn't expect any less from the Trump children, but I was truly surprised at how each one of his children from Donald Trump Jr. to Ivanka , and Eric Trump, and Tiffany Trump were all so poised and comfortable In front of let say 50,000 people. each brought something new to the convention, but each touch on the subject of how proud they were of there father with personal anecdotes and how his excellence is contagious. here is each link to the speeches below.

Donald Trump Jr. -Elect the man who has a track record of achieving the impossible

Ivanka Trump-My Father is color blind and gender neutral

Eric Trump- he can no longer bare witness...

Tiffany Trump-His desire for excellence is contagious

Barron Trump- come on people he's like ten, but he was definitely cheering his father on from the crowd.

3. Ivanka's speech hands down was the best.

I'm not trying to pick favorites, but I did anyway. Ivanka's speech phenomenal in my opinion. she brought and described this kind of softness about her father that the public rarely hear about and see. she describes her father as gender neutral and colorblind meaning he will support the LGBTQ community, and will look past a person's color as anyone should. she also expresses his support for women's equality, saying its not a problem for the women but especially the mother's, and will do all in his power to bring equality back to the mothers. ( I highly recommend you listen to her speech, the link Is above.

4. There's a lot of Pokémon in Cleveland.

Snl's weekend update's co- anchor Michael Che was technically looking for Pokémon, but for minorities with his newest app Trumpemon Go! Make sure to check out this hilarious clip Trumpemon Go!

5. Melania's speech stolen?

My verdict is not guilty. yes, the ideas of her speech does resemble Michelle Obama's from a couple years ago, but the ideas conveyed in her speech are conveyed in many n which the basis of it was relatable to other before Michelle and the people at home. Anyway those words were not copyrighted, so technically no one owns the word, so technically they were not stolen. Melania's speech. We think?

6. Why can't Ted Cruz just endorse Trump.

Listen I know you're trying to stand up for yourself, but come on. he says he against Hilary, but refuses to endorse trump. he states to vote for who we feel will protect are right and this country. There are certain things he doesn't agree with with Donald Trump, but everyone has small disagreements. but lets look at this situation like this: Cruz doesn't like or want Clinton in the oval office, and he (in my opinion) just doesn't like Trump, but Cruz a vote not for Trump is for Clinton. Is that what you want Cruz? Ted's endorsing who?

7. Making America Safe Again.

Trump's speech took a darker tone at the RNC this week as he focused on mass deaths of many American's through Obama's terms. He speaks of deaths of police officers, and people killed by illegal immigrants. this all leading up to how he will make America safe again. He pushes the need for stronger border patrol, he pushes the need for unity amongst all Americans to stop the violence that's killing our very own. we have outside forces trying to attack us, but us American's are doing a better job of that ourselves. he brings a sense of hope to his followers that safety will come with his hopeful election, as he ends his speech with I love you all. Making America Safe Again

Honorable mentions

I couldn't leave these two people off my list therefore they are my honorable mentions.

-First of former New York Governor Rudy Giuliani forgets his directions while he gives an EPIC Speech Rudy's EPIC speech

- Next entrepreneur Peter Theil (founder of Paypal, and Silicon Valley) gives a powerful and moving speech that everyone should listen to.Fake Culture wars distract us from our economic decline

8. People are afraid of change.

Trump is not a politician. He's Abrasive, blunt, and see's what the people sees. He has Failed, but also has succeeded in many things, and knows what is takes to get to the top. He is no average Joe in which we see in most elections, the politicians. He see's what the which house and many others cannot. People are scared because he has an opinion, and pushes for it to be heard, and he refuses to hide from what scares him. people say all he's doing is talking about empty promises, which is and isn't true a lot of theses things he says cannot happen unless he's in office ( same with Hilary) so it's like a waiting/ guessing game. I personally am not afraid of change or at least to try it. I know change is what Obama promised in '08, but he was like every other politician we see in D.C. I'd like to see someone outside the system.

I'm now patiently waiting for the Democratic National Convention, so I can finally figure out who the right choice for me is in the upcoming election, and also I feel like it will be on big roast fest, and who wants to miss that?

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