8 Steps To Get Back In A Healthy Routine Before The Semester Begins
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8 Steps To Get Back In A Healthy Routine Before The Semester Begins

No more sleeping past noon.

8 Steps To Get Back In A Healthy Routine Before The Semester Begins

Quarantine has come with a lot of free time, a lot of boredom, and a lack of motivation. With the school year about to begin, it's extremely important to fall back into healthy habits. Unfortunately, to be successful, laying in bed all day just isn't going to cut it. Even if all of your classes are online, there are proven ways to be more alert and present during the lectures. Not only school, but becoming healthier overall is a huge change we need to adapt to after months of laziness.

1. Wake up early.

You might not want to hear it, but waking up early and getting a head start on the day will help you feel as though you're being productive. Plus, it gives you more time to prepare your mind before actually working.

2. Eat breakfast.

If you're like me, you've been eating whenever you're hungry or feel like cooking. To get back into a routine, it's important to eat breakfast. It doesn't have to be a big one, but eating will set you up for success during the hours between now and lunch.

3. Actually get dressed.

You know the phrase: "Dress for success!" Sadly enough, staying in pajamas all day even when you're at home isn't going to help you feel inspired or motivated. Pretend you're going to school and just put something nice on, it will do a whole lot for your mindset.

4. Set up a work space.

I know, I know. A bed is super comfy and perfectly suitable for Zoom lectures. But, it's not productive. Give yourself a quiet space, with a desk, and something to write on. You'll feel more in the zone.

5. Plan ahead.

Find your syllabus and jot down all the important upcoming dates. Planning ahead is a great idea to get a peek at how much work you'll need to do and by what dates. Procrastinating is no longer cute.

6. Stay away from your phone.

It can be tempting to scroll through Twitter or Snapchat while listening to your professor drone on, but it's important to limit this. I find it extremely difficult to focus when my phone is constantly buzzing away. Turn it off, if only for a few hours. The tweets can wait.

7. Keep your area clean.

It will be extremely hard to focus if you're constantly worrying about other things you need to do such as: clean the house, do laundry, do dishes. Make sure all of these things are done beforehand, so you can put your whole energy into your schoolwork.

8. Find a schedule that suits you.

Most importantly of all, make sure you find time for yourself everyday to do something for yourself. Set aside a few hours where you know you won't be doing any work, and use that to your advantage. Recharge your mind, and relax.

It will definitely be hard to acclimate to a new learning environment, especially when it's centered around your own living space. But, it's possible. Making sure you do the things you used to do before the pandemic will be extremely helpful in learning how to stay in the zone.

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