Holiday time is obviously the busiest time of year for retail workers.

There are long days, long nights, and long bouts of customers yelling at you for things beyond your control. While many people focus on what is happening before Christmas, I am thinking about the week following Christmas. This week is perhaps one of the most insane weeks because everyone is shopping...and returning.

Hopefully this list will make my fellow retail workers laugh (then cry), and maybe it will even help some shoppers to better understand that we are all human too.

1. When you don't have your receipt and you act like I'm not barred by the computer from letting you make your return/exchange

Not my fault. Not the company's fault. Your fault. 100 percent your fault.

2. Of course, we will honor your expired coupon...but only if you yell at us first!

We love when you moan and roll your eyes in disgust when we deny you your special shopping privileges. We apologize, Queen [insert name here]. We're totally doing this just to spite you. Or NOT.

3. You're never shopping here again because we wouldn't bend the rules for you? Brb, crying.

Please enjoy a performance featuring the world's tiniest violin.

4. Watching you tear through everything we just folded like a stampede of large animals

I am watching you. I am also internally crying.

5. When you tell us you know what you're looking for and then tear up the whole store while you try to find it

Still crying. Trying not to look at the mess that we'll have to clean up later.

6. Complaining about long lines

I'm sorry? It's busy, so that's kinda how this works. We're not the only ones with a long line. I promise we're trying our best.

7. You know more about our merchandise than we do?

Please, continue to tornado your way through everything to find it. We really appreciate you not letting us help you.

8. Can you speak to the manager? Sure, but they're probably going to say the same thing I am

Oh, this dreaded question. Let me guess, the customer has this haircut: