75 Things That Make Me Happy
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75 Things That Make Me Happy

I need a reminder and some need present ideas.

75 Things That Make Me Happy
Paige Lunde

Everybody has things that make them smile and just feel really good on the inside about. And since finals are coming up, I decided to make a list of all the things that make me happy so that between the studying and crying (and once I fail these exams), I can have something to look at before I eat a few dozen boxes of cookies and maybe a hundred candy bars and gain about 60 pounds because, why not, and say "next time, I'll do better" all the while, wiping off my makeup because my failure tears have definitely ruined it and no one should see this mess. So let's get down to business, shall we?

1. FALL. The colors, the crisp in the air, the trees, the looming dark clouds.

2. Stepping on those dying, crunchy leaves that fall off trees once they know they have nothing else to live for. (Much like college students after we finish exams)

3. Puppies. (Does there really need to be an explanation in this?)

4. Kittens. (Have you seen their little toe beans?? So adorable.)

5. Boots. (You know, as long as they aren't stiletto's because those are a death trap and I trip with any sort of heel so...)

6. Comfy sweaters. (Big, soft sweaters. Sweaters where the sleeves go past your hands and you suddenly have sweater paws. Old, broke in sweaters that always know how to lay so you don't have a little poof that makes you look pregnant when you sit down or do anything in them.)

7. Bread. (So much bread, French bread, rolls, slices of bread, cheesy bread, plain bread, bread with peanut butter, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread...)

8. Getting my makeup to not look like a three old did it. (This is very rare people.)

9. Flowers. (peonies, carnations, daisies, any red flower, purple flowers, lilies, black-eyed Susans, marigold's, tulips...)

10. Candy Canes.

11. Popcorn tins that you can get from Walmart around Thanksgiving and Christmas. (And not the ones where they have a see through thing on top because they pre-package the popcorn and you're totally get ripped off.)

12. Artsy posters.

13. Watercolor paintings.

14. Blank notebooks.

15. New pens. (inner nerd coming out)

16. Giraffes. (They can kick a lion's head clean off, did you know that? It's awesome. They're great.)

17. Snapple. (mainly the fruit punch one and the apple one)

18. Those five extra minutes you stay in bed after you're alarm goes off even though you know you should get up and get ready.

19. Getting a better grade than you thought you had on a test. (Praying that happens for finals)

20. Disney movies. (Legit turn into a kid again and I will sing to the songs, even if that annoys whoever I am with. So deal with it.)

21. Teddy bears that are really soft.

22. Random gifts that people give just because they saw it and thought of you.

23. Someone coming up and randomly asking for advice. (Because unlike me, they think I have my life figured out and I'm going places, ha!)

24. Taking a picture with the subject moving and it not be blurry.

25. Sneaking in Disney song lyrics into anything I can.

26. Popcorn. (Pretty serious about this, see #11.)

27. Rolling up into a blanket burrito as soon as you get them out of the dryer.

28. That look of joy when you do something ordinary or easy for a little kid but they act like it's the most amazing thing they've ever seen or heard in the whole world.

29. Little notes or texts from them reminding you they are still there and care.

30. Surprise visits.

31. Rain. (But not the "can't see five feet in front of my face" kind of rain because that's just ridiculous.)

32. Fuzzy, warm socks that you can slide around on the floor with.

33. Written letters.

34. Books. Old books, new books, second-hand books. (Allllll kinds of books, well except biographies.)

35. When someone gets my movie references and joins in saying movie quotes with me. (Thanks Mom, you're the real MVP.)

36. Long, tight hugs that you never want to end.

37. Hot chocolate.

38. Marshmallows. (Goes with #37 but they're also fun to throw at your friends when the least expect it, sorry Tawnie and Lindsey.)

39. Big pillows that you can sink into.

40. Coming home from college after two months and having your dog come running up to you and jump up and leave muddy paw prints everywhere. (Ruin my clothes, I don't care.)

41. Soup. (Any but tomato soup.)

42. The type of music that makes you feel something deep inside. Not the kind that you just want to dance to, the kind that makes you literally feel something in your chest when you listen to it. (And no, Kaleb Joy Shipman, I am not talking about your mixtape.)

43. Christmas lights. (And not having anyone yelling at you for having them up all year long. This pack said Halloween festive lights, so there.)

44. Laughing until your stomach hurts and there's tears rolling down your face.

45. Working on a project and getting all the kinks out without any help from someone else.

46. Being able to actually sit down and relax instead of stressing about everything and anything.

47. Getting to work and they tell you they don't have anything for you but you can still stay and just lounge about to still get the hours. (I work in a studio so the lounging is pretty comfortable.)

48. Seeing the look on other's faces as they open a present and are genuinely happy to see what it is.

49. Being able to wake up and not have to fix my hair. (Though I really should do at least a little to it because sometimes it's just really out of control.)

50. Finally being able to see someone after a long time of being apart and just being able to hold them close with no interruptions.

51. Cat videos. (So happy there is a very long list of them on YouTube.)

52. Kind of ashamed to say that fail videos belong on this list. (And once again, grateful that there is a long list on YouTube..)

53. Oil pastels. (After using them for just a couple minutes, you already have it all over your hands and it's one of the best things in the world in my opinion.)

54. Drawing something and it actually looks the way you want it to.

55. When my cat falls asleep on my lap instead of going all 2007 Britney Spears on everything in sight.

56. When someone randomly compliments something, whether it's about something physical or intellectual.

57. When someone says they are proud of you even when you don't feel proud of yourself.

58. Surprising someone with something they were talking about before randomly.

59. When it snows but there's no wind or anything so you can actually go out and mess with the snow instead of being murdered by the elements at the same time.

60. PIE. (Apple, cherry, pumpkin.)

61. Having a show series end so perfect that you can't watch anything else for a few days because you're still reeling from the perfect ending it had.

62. Photography. (Professional photography, random photography taken by an amateur that turns out really good.)

63. Strawberries, apples, oranges, plums. (Kind of sounds like a shopping list, right?)

64. Butterflies. (The cute little blue ones and yellow ones.)

65. Musicals.

66. Mysteries. (Figuring them out, putting everything together. Puzzles also.)

67. Oh! Gummy bears, gummy worms, sour candy, etc.

68. Coffee. (Black with milk and sugar or with a lot of cream are the only two ways I drink it.)

69. Random walks that you take with another person and you just listen to what they say and learn about stuff that they hold close to their hearts.

70. Have I mentioned written words? (Seriously. Books, poems, letters, everything.)

71. Making little clay figures.

72. Sitting with people and genuinely being glad to be around them and knowing you would never change those moments for anything else in the world.

73. Movies. (Marvel, DC, Pixar, any movies really.)

74. Knowing that there is someone out there or some people that have your back through anything and who will never judge you no matter what you do.

75. And because I began this list with fall, I'll end it with Spring. Second best season of the year.

That's my list and I"m going to try to remember them as finals come closer and closer.Feel free to come up with your own and share it. It was really fun and also a little excruciating to come up with 75 things but oh well. C'Est la Vie

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