7 Tips To Make You The Best College Roommate

7 Tips To Make You The Best College Roommate

As told by my amazing roommate, Emma.

I'm basing all of this on my amazing roommate, Emma, who is quite possibly the best roommate and friend anyone could ever have. Basically, just be her, and you'll never be able to go wrong with the room-sharing situation.

1. Introduce yourselves BEFORE you get to campus

Make sure you shoot your roommate an email before you both get to campus. Introduce yourself, let them know who you are, what you like, things you could potentially bond over, things that you need them to know about yourself, exchange phone numbers. Be friendly and welcoming, but also clear. Even if all you really want to do is figure out what shared items you're each bringing so you don't bring duplicate stuff, make sure you reach out. It can be really comforting knowing that the potential first person you'll meet on campus is friendly.

2. Wish each other a good day

Emma always wishes me a great day, no matter what's happening. Whenever I'm leaving out the door, she tells me to have a great day, to have fun at my event, to feel better if I was having a bad day. If I've already left, she shoots me a quick text full of smilies and happiness. And honestly, it makes all the difference. Just knowing that someone out there cares about you, is thinking of you, hoping you have a good day puts such a positive spin on the day. It truly makes you feel better. Always make sure you do this, with your roommate, with your best friend. It's important to know someone is out there.

3. Keep up with each other's schedules

Especially with the important things in their lives. This goes hand-in-hand with wishing each other a good day; you should know when the other has something big coming up, and offer support in anyway you can. Even if that's just shooting them a text to wish them luck or tell them they've got this. Knowing the other person's schedule also means that you'll be respectful of their space. If they've got a big midterm the next day, you'll know not to come in at 3 am being extremely obnoxious. Keeping up with schedules is really important when learning to respect each other's space.

4. Ask if you're going to use each other's stuff

Even if we've agreed to share everything, if something's on her side or that she specifically brought for herself, I always try to ask before I use something of hers, and she does the same. It's the simple matter of respecting each other's space. This is really hard to do sometimes, especially when you've never lived with someone before. But just making sure you pay attention to their feelings and what they say, and when you're communicating make sure you're always clear and succinct. It only makes everything work much more smoothly.

5. Be clean

No matter what, people just don't like living in a messy environment. Keeping your stuff tidy and kept together, cleaning up the floors, your dirty laundry, etc., keeps your roommate happy. Emma and I pride ourselves in our meticulously kept room. Neither of us has ever lost our stuff or tripped over each other's stuff while in our room, while so many of our friends have. It's just so much easier when everything's clean.

6. Talk about the things that are bothering you

Never keep anything that's bothering you inside. Never ignore the problems. Always talk about them. Always talk about the issues you're facing with each other. Communicating works. It makes the problems easier to solve. They won't know what's bothering you if you don't tell them. Roommates are regular people, not mind-readers.

7. Learn each other's quirks and do random acts of kindness for each other

If you know your roommate likes the cookies from the dining hall, maybe you bring them back a cookie after you go to lunch and leave it on their desk. Maybe they forgot to do something, and you help them out. Maybe you leave them a cute note. Whatever it is, little thoughtful acts keep the peace between you two and make the other person's day.

Cover Image Credit: Emma Carter

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50 One-Liners College Girls Swap With Their Roomies As Much As They Swap Clothes

"What would I do without you guys???"

1. "Can I wear your shirt out tonight?"

2. "Does my hair look greasy?"

3. "We should probably clean tomorrow..."

4. "What should I caption this??"

5. "Is it bad if I text ____ first??"

6. "Should we order pizza?"

7. *Roommate tells an entire story* "Wait, what?"

8. "How is it already 3 AM?"

9. "I need a drink."

10. "McDonalds? McDonalds."


12. "Okay like, for real, I need to study."

13. "Why is there so much hair on our floor?"

14. "I think I'm broke."

15. "What do I respond to this?"

16. "Let's have a movie night."

17. "Why are we so weird?"

18. "Do you think people will notice if I wear this 2 days in a row?"

19. "That guy is so stupid."

20. "Do I look fat in this?"

21. "Can I borrow your phone charger?

22. "Wanna go to the lib tonight?"

23. "OK, we really need to go to the gym soon."

24. "I kinda want some taco bell."

25. "Let's go out tonight."

26. "I wonder what other people on this floor think of us."

27. "Let's go to the mall."

28. "Can I use your straightener?"

29. "I need coffee."

30. "I'm bored, come back to the room."

31. "Should we go home this weekend?"

32. "We should probably do laundry soon."

33. "Can you see through these pants?"

34. "Sometimes I feel like our room is a frat house..."

35. "Guys I swear I don't like him anymore."

36."Can I borrow a pencil?"

37. "I need to get my life together...."

38. "So who's buying the Uber tonight?"

39. "Let's walk to class together."

40. "Are we really pulling an all-nighter tonight?"

41. "Who's taking out the trash?"

42. "What happened last night?"

43. "Can you help me do my hair?"

44. "What should I wear tonight?"

45. "You're not allowed to talk to him tonight."

46. "OMG, my phone is at 1 percent."

47. "Should we skip class?"

48. "What should we be for Halloween?"

49. "I love our room."

50. "What would I do without you guys???"

Cover Image Credit: Hannah Gabaldon

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To The Ones Who Will Take My Home

It has seen some of our worst nights and some of our very best, but soon it will be yours.

"Home, I've found, is not a place. It is carried with me everywhere--my suitcase full of hearts, moments and warmth."
-Leeza Jayde

To the girls who will move in after me,

Congratulations on your new adventure! Moving into a new house is one of the most exciting things I believe we humans get to do in our short lives, and I cannot wait for you to decorate and create your own memories in a sacred place I once called home.

The house that you are moving into is particularly important to me, as it has not only given me a space to call my own but was also one of the most influential places in which I learned to grow.

You see, it was within these walls that 3 girls became a family. Sheltering nights of loud music and even louder laughter as well as nights of silence and the occasional fight. But most importantly, with time and decorations, it became a home I grew to love and treasure like no other.

In the two years that I have lived here, the kitchen has seen great remodeling and repair. The oven cooking a variety of items from paella to never-ending brownies. Surviving hurricanes, knee-high floods, and love that has worn the floors more since before we moved in, but over time you will learn to know it just as we once did.

This home has seen fights with the neighbors and the startling recollection of my roommate's heads leaning out of the window to yell above. It has seen many visitors, some frequent fliers, and others only passing by.

It has seen the dying flames of loved ones replaced with the start of new. It has seen some of our worst nights and some of our very best, but soon it will be yours.

Very soon you will begin your own journey in the house I once called home and the floors and walls will adhere to your lifestyle instead of mine. Because just like the people who lived here before me, it is my time to move on and your time to start something new and life-changing.

I simply have one request of you as you begin your stay here, to fill it with as many decorations and memories that you can and to make note of any and all events that might occur during your stay. Because when the next group of bright-eyed renters dares to live here after you, all you will be able to take is a memory and (hopefully) a sense of reverence like mine.

But for now, enjoy the stress and excitement of purchasing furniture to make it yours. Enjoy the move-in process and (of course!) purchase Chinese food as a welcome home meal. Because as I take the last of my belongings out, your story begins.

Take care of the house that became a home and inevitably built me.


The 15 Coming Girls

Cover Image Credit:

Madison Threatt

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