7 Tips To Make You The Best College Roommate

7 Tips To Make You The Best College Roommate

As told by my amazing roommate, Emma.

I'm basing all of this on my amazing roommate, Emma, who is quite possibly the best roommate and friend anyone could ever have. Basically, just be her, and you'll never be able to go wrong with the room-sharing situation.

1. Introduce yourselves BEFORE you get to campus

Make sure you shoot your roommate an email before you both get to campus. Introduce yourself, let them know who you are, what you like, things you could potentially bond over, things that you need them to know about yourself, exchange phone numbers. Be friendly and welcoming, but also clear. Even if all you really want to do is figure out what shared items you're each bringing so you don't bring duplicate stuff, make sure you reach out. It can be really comforting knowing that the potential first person you'll meet on campus is friendly.

2. Wish each other a good day

Emma always wishes me a great day, no matter what's happening. Whenever I'm leaving out the door, she tells me to have a great day, to have fun at my event, to feel better if I was having a bad day. If I've already left, she shoots me a quick text full of smilies and happiness. And honestly, it makes all the difference. Just knowing that someone out there cares about you, is thinking of you, hoping you have a good day puts such a positive spin on the day. It truly makes you feel better. Always make sure you do this, with your roommate, with your best friend. It's important to know someone is out there.

3. Keep up with each other's schedules

Especially with the important things in their lives. This goes hand-in-hand with wishing each other a good day; you should know when the other has something big coming up, and offer support in anyway you can. Even if that's just shooting them a text to wish them luck or tell them they've got this. Knowing the other person's schedule also means that you'll be respectful of their space. If they've got a big midterm the next day, you'll know not to come in at 3 am being extremely obnoxious. Keeping up with schedules is really important when learning to respect each other's space.

4. Ask if you're going to use each other's stuff

Even if we've agreed to share everything, if something's on her side or that she specifically brought for herself, I always try to ask before I use something of hers, and she does the same. It's the simple matter of respecting each other's space. This is really hard to do sometimes, especially when you've never lived with someone before. But just making sure you pay attention to their feelings and what they say, and when you're communicating make sure you're always clear and succinct. It only makes everything work much more smoothly.

5. Be clean

No matter what, people just don't like living in a messy environment. Keeping your stuff tidy and kept together, cleaning up the floors, your dirty laundry, etc., keeps your roommate happy. Emma and I pride ourselves in our meticulously kept room. Neither of us has ever lost our stuff or tripped over each other's stuff while in our room, while so many of our friends have. It's just so much easier when everything's clean.

6. Talk about the things that are bothering you

Never keep anything that's bothering you inside. Never ignore the problems. Always talk about them. Always talk about the issues you're facing with each other. Communicating works. It makes the problems easier to solve. They won't know what's bothering you if you don't tell them. Roommates are regular people, not mind-readers.

7. Learn each other's quirks and do random acts of kindness for each other

If you know your roommate likes the cookies from the dining hall, maybe you bring them back a cookie after you go to lunch and leave it on their desk. Maybe they forgot to do something, and you help them out. Maybe you leave them a cute note. Whatever it is, little thoughtful acts keep the peace between you two and make the other person's day.

Cover Image Credit: Emma Carter

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Not only to ourselves but to other people. Life gets so chaotic and we get so involved in ourselves and just enjoying friendships that we don't stop enough to give a shout out to the people that mean the most to us. That's what this article is all about: giving appreciation to my best friend, who I don't let know enough how much I appreciate her.

1. Thank you for making golf so much better

There is not a single time where I pick up a golf club that I don't think about our fun times together. A game that is full of so much stress, mentally and physically, you were always able to make it so much more fun. Some of our stories are not appropriate for either this article or the golf course, but they continue to bring me so much joy. Thank you for pushing me to be my best on the course and off. Our journey from high school golf to college golf was one that I wouldn't trade for anything. Now, I get to be your biggest cheerleader on the sidelines and I cannot wait to see everything that the game brings for you.

3. Thank you for supporting me, good and bad

Freshman year of college when we were roommates and exploring a whole new world. From nearly tripling the amount of students at our schools to making terrible decisions, it was all new. We got the joys of exploring it together!

Cover Image Credit: Rachel Stoneburner

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Never Stop Moving Forward, But Remember Where You Started

Go through those windows of opportunity, but take a minute every now and then to look back.

Being almost halfway done with college is crazy to think about. It seems like it was so long ago when I got here, and yet everything is going by so incredibly fast. Lately I’ve been inspired to reflect more on my life, and I’ve discovered why it’s so important to do so every now and then.

“Remember where you come from.” My friend told me that the other day when we were discussing self-reflection. At first I thought about my family and where I grew up, but remembering where you come from is a lot deeper than that.

Sure I’m glad that I’m branching away from home and becoming more independent, but I’ve met people who’ve moved far away and are still the same person they were before they left.

For me, remembering where I come from is about remembering where I started mindset wise. Today I am becoming more and more involved and using as many resources as I can to create success for myself in life. Two years ago, heck even just a year ago, is a different story.

I had a very different mindset, and I thought that just ‘going with the flow’ was good enough. I stayed on top of my school work and had good grades, but that was my only priority. I didn’t make many efforts to get outside of my comfort zone because I didn’t realize how important that actually is.

Not everyone likes to get outside of their comfort zone, but I promise it’s worth it. Once you do, a whole new window of opportunities open. Go through it and don’t stop. But don’t forget to look back once in a while to reflect and remember where you started.

I’m never going to stop moving forward to reach my goals, but I’m also never going to forget where I came from. People have seen me make changes in my life, and I’ve seen that inspire them to do the same.

When I think back to where I started in college, it makes me appreciate how far I’ve come that much more. It pushes me to go even farther and work as hard as I can to reach my goals. It’s important to remember where you started because remembering that old mindset helps you to reach others who are still in it.

When I realized that I needed to get outside of my comfort zone and do more with my life, people who had been in the same position as me played a big role. I heard their stories of how much they grew from pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone. That inspired me to do the same because I knew I could.

I know that I will continue to grow as a person and expand the mindset I have today. I am still the same me, but I’m a better me because I’m working to be the best me.

Cover Image Credit: @jordanleedooley

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