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    I've written dozens of self bios, but I'm always at a loss for words to summarize myself. I guess that's because people, individuals, human beings, can't be summarized in a few words. There's too much substance to them, too many experiences, too many emotions and thoughts and threads to be condensed into a few words. But I guess, I'll try.

    My name is Riya, and I am majoring in Business at the Ross School of Business. I have lived in Rochester Hills, MI my entire life and attended Avondale High School (except for two years when I lived in upstate New York). I do karate, I play piano, I love to dance and to read and write. I love dogs and I love flowers but I don't like wearing dresses. I hate getting dirty and I hate bugs. I usually spend my downtime inside watching the Office or Parks and Rec or one of my all-time favorite Bollywood movies. I'm a food junkie too and I love trying new things. I also like to pretend like I enjoy exercise, but really I would much rather spend time with friends. My favorite season is the summer, and I love laying out in the sun with absolutely nothing to do. I enjoy lying in hammocks, but I've flipped out of them more times than I care to relate, so I tend to avoid them when I can. My artwork consists mostly of pictures of trees. For some reason, I really love trees. I have never, however, climbed a tree.

    For me, the little things are what matter most. I find my solace, my happiness, in the little moments of life. I hope that my readers will find their own little things, little pieces of me and my story, that they can take from my writing.

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