7 Things We All Need This Fall
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Health and Wellness

7 Things We All Need This Fall

We'd all be better off with less stress and more sleep, right?

7 Things We All Need This Fall

Meditation can actually serve as the key for all of the issues listed below. Give it a try and keep yourself healthy this fall. Mindfulness isn’t a new trend, it’s a necessary way of life.

http://www.mindful.org/meditation/mindfulness-gett... here are some tips on mindfulness and mindful meditation.

http://www.chopra.com/articles/guided-meditations these are an assortment of meditation audio tracks guided for a variety of needs.

Also check out the Headspace app or their website for a free trial of their daily ten minute meditation tracks.

Seven Things We All Need

1. Better Sleep

Try to stick to a routine bed and wake-up time, avoid caffeine before bed, super important - create a sleep conducive environment which means you only sleep and have sex in your bedroom, turn off all your screens at least a half hour before you plan on going to sleep, pay attention to your diet - high sugar intake can equal lower quality sleep, try not to set an alarm for the middle of a REM cycle, each of your sleep cycles last about an hour and a half, and be smart about napping during the day. A lot of this stuff is so cliche but it actually works. Here check out these guided sleep meditations I always find myself falling asleep to.

2. Less Sniffles

Try herbal remedies as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, take herbs such as echinacea within the first couple days of symptoms showing and it should shorten the colds’ lifespan, try incorporating immunity boosting spices such as turmeric and ginger, zinc lozenges have been found to reduce inflammation in the throat and sinuses, drink more green tea, and eat heartier meals with ingredients such as garlic, onions, and mushrooms.

3. Happiness

Around this time of year just ten minutes of sunshine, a little exposure to a sun lamp or maybe some aromatherapy can make a huge difference in our happiness levels. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is common among young adults and can hugely impact our health, sleep, and mood. Try getting a happy lamp off Amazon or incorporating some citrus or peppermint essential oils into your daily routine.

4. Decreased Stress

Meditation, meditation, meditation. Breathe. Be mindful, drink tea, try some of these yoga poses. See how much more it helps than you’d ever expect. Try 10 minutes a day for just 7 days and try and argue with the improvement.

5. More Energy

Eat more fish, go for a brisk walk around the block - just ten minutes can give you the energy to power through that paper, drink lots and lots of water (it always slips my mind and it probably slips some of yours), snack on nuts during the day, try massaging your temples for a few minutes, or try alternate nostril breathing - breath in your left, out your right, in your right, out your left, you get the picture.

6. More Time

So there is no real secret for making more time in the day but you can optimize the time you do have, do your three most important tasks first thing when you wake up, work in time blocks meaning you put chunks of time in your calendar for studying, working out, etc, avoid multi-tasking, maybe even start a bullet journal - they’re more effective than you may give them credit, and don’t forget to give yourself a breather every once in awhile as it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

7. Creative Inspiration

If you’re feeling at a creative loss start making lists and stop criticizing yourself, be social, read a book, try the break-down method and think of labels part there surface layer so for example what is a tree made of, and try to trigger your sense of awe via walking in nature or exploring a new location.


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