The 7 Stages of Working Out As Told By 'New Girl'

Working out is a hard habit to get into, but it's definitely rewarding. It not only relieves stress, but can also clear your mind and make you feel happier. Here is the cast of New Girl to show us the struggles that everyone goes through at the gym.

1. When the time to go to the gym with your friend or significant other comes around:

You're excited, you're pumped! You're ready to kill this workout.

2. When you actually arrive at the gym:

You soon start to think that getting out of bed was a bad idea.

3. Your friend or significant other force you to go in:

You really start to hate the idea of working out, and think it's a big mistake.

4. Now you have to use the machine and pray you look like you know what you're doing:

You just act like you know what you're doing while internally screaming for help.

5. You realize that working out isn't so bad:

You realize that it's not so bad and give your friend or significant other a high five at the end.

6. You get home and all you can think about is food:

You literally just got home.

7. When you feel sore the next day after working out:

You tell yourself it isn't so bad though, and that working out is really amazing for your body. Never give up!

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