7 Reasons You Should Book A Cruise

Over winter break, I had the pleasure of going on a cruise with my family and friends. As fall semester was coming to an end, this is exactly what I needed. On the cruise, we traveled to Harvest Caye, Belize and Costa Maya, Mexico. Both places were absolutely beautiful and provided an amazing experience. Now, this was the fourth cruise I have ever been on, and I am ready to go on a fifth one. Here is why.

The activities are endless.

After coming back to your cabin from a long hard day of relaxing, an activity guide listing a multitude of activities lies on your bed. If you are not exploring a new city, you might be stuck at sea. Fear not, there is still much to do. People can take part in an exciting game of bingo, engage in a dance contest, watch a performance or choose to lie in bed all day. There are many possibilities, and whichever is chosen is bound to be worthwhile.

​The views are beautiful.

Look out the window of your room or go to the top of the deck and look into the sea, all that can be seen is beauty. I never got tired of looking down at the blue water and feeling the breeze. You could be tanning or enjoying a drink or both! Then, once you dock at your destination, the sights are incredible and new.

It is perfect for photos. 

This brings me to my next point. You will want to take a picture of the view—whether that be the pretty sunrise or yourself. The number of photos my family and I took is shocking, but the photos came out well, so it was worth it. If you are looking for your next Instagram post, maybe a cruise is for you.

There is so much to consume. 

The amount of food present on any cruise is a major selling point. Right when you walk onto the ship, everyone rushes to the top deck to check out the buffet present. The options are limitless. People can choose anything from a classic burger to an Indian curry or both. From there, treat yourself to some ice cream or a sophisticated dessert. Around dinner time, you can opt for a fancier dining option and visit different restaurants that are all located on the cruise ship. Order one, two or three options from the menu; it is all included! In addition to the buffet and dining options, many cruise lines offer a 24/7 dining facility that serves a variety of late night snacks. Furthermore, if you purchase a beverage package, the drinks are limitless as well.

No cleaning is required. 

Relax! The whole point of a vacation is to forget all the stresses in your normal routine. The cruise staff is amazing because they take care of your dishes, trash, and make up your cabin. From the small tasks of making your bed to the larger tasks of cleaning the kitchen, all of that is taken care of it. A cruise is a time in which you can catch a break and enjoy yourself.

Try something new. 

Ultimately, every place I go to, I like to try something new. If you have never gone snorkeling or parasailing, it may be the time to book an additional excursion. Even if you choose to just hang out at the beach, you would be in a new place. A cruise is a time to go out of your comfort zone and learn about a new culture if you choose.

Go off the grid. 

While there is the option of the internet package, you can also opt to save some money and just leave the internet alone. Social media and Google will still be there once you get back from your cruise, so consider taking this opportunity to break away from the internet. I confess at times I would look through my phone only to remember that I was unconnected, but if I can get through it, so can you. Enjoy the food, the activities, and those you travel with.

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